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Digital Health

As well as medical advances, our healthcare is also getting better due to improvements in the digital world. From computerisation of medical records to apps that remind you to take medications, health and social care can be improved by simply delivering it better than ever before.

Interoperability is an important buzzwork in health IT - this means the ability of different computer systems to talk to each other, so that your doctor can see exactly what you've been diagnosed and prescribed with in the past, whether they treated you in their clinic or somewhere else entirely. Unfortunately, even now, sometimes this is not an automatic process even within the same hospital.

Digital health also opens up opportunities for remote healthcare, whether that be a telepresence robot visiting patients in a hospital, or remote diagnostics so that people don't even have to leave their home, this can be a significant time and cost saving for everyone involved.

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Company that offers sensors, mobile apps, analytics, and services to support respiratory health management.


Company allowing health monitoring on your smartphone.


Digital health company providing personalized care for each individual.


Smart home monitoring solutions for ensuring the safety and well-being of elderly.


Kraydel addresses social isolation and also supports independence for their Users.


Healthcare analytics company that helps people with asthma and allergy predict prevent and manage their symptoms.


Multi-week plans for weight loss, race training, flexibility, maternity, and more

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