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Digital Health

As well as medical advances, our healthcare is also getting better due to improvements in the digital world. From computerisation of medical records to apps that remind you to take medications, health and social care can be improved by simply delivering it better than ever before.

Interoperability is an important buzzwork in health IT - this means the ability of different computer systems to talk to each other, so that your doctor can see exactly what you've been diagnosed and prescribed with in the past, whether they treated you in their clinic or somewhere else entirely. Unfortunately, even now, sometimes this is not an automatic process even within the same hospital.

Digital health also opens up opportunities for remote healthcare, whether that be a telepresence robot visiting patients in a hospital, or remote diagnostics so that people don't even have to leave their home, this can be a significant time and cost saving for everyone involved.

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Digital Health News

Digital health tools effectively lower hypertension, new study finds

Yale School of Medicine - 14-Feb-2024

Significant systolic BP reductions, highlighting its potential to address health disparities

Read more... became virtual psychotherapist for young people

BBC - 04-Jan-2024

Offering comfort and advice, the rise of AI therapy sparks debate about its potential & perils


Frieda Health raised EUR 2.5 million to advance their menopause platform

Live Forever Club - 20-Nov-2023

A step towards empowering women for better health and quality of life


Humanity Inc.'s AI-powered health app helps you live longer and healthier

Master Investor - 01-Nov-2023

The app helps users boost their energy levels and feel more alive


Headspace: your one-stop shop for lifelong mental health support

Business Wire - 31-Oct-2023

Refreshed brand offers end-to-end mental health support, from mindfulness to therapy and psychiatry

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Digital Health Resources

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Microsoft Healthcare

Digital health company providing personalized care for each individual

Basil Leaf Technologies

Company developing interactive, consumer-level products that empower individuals to monitor and improve their personal health

Canary Speech

Speech and language company specialized in the area of identifying disease and human condition through speech


App providing an immediate analysis to detect atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia and normal rhythm

Greg Fahy

World expert in organ cryopreservation, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder at Intervene Immune


Comapny developing wearable technology devices.

Emil Kendziorra

Doctor. Entrepreneur. Revolutionized Medicine. Chairman Of The Board at EBF

Owlstone Medical

Company focused to development of non-invasive diagnostics for cancer and inflammatory diseases.


Gentag is to help disposable wireless sensor technologies ubiquitous, affordable and accessible to everyone worldwide


Developer of cloud-based practice management, point-of-care mobile applications and electronic health record (EHR) systems

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