Even when biologically speaking humans can live forever, there are still accidents, violence, natural disasters, etc, that can extinguish life.

Each threat is major topic in its own right but its important to keep an eye on them as the bigger the problem the longer it takes to fix it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Will it help or destroy us?

Climate Change - technology should come up with solutions but I suggest erring on the side of caution for now

Energy - where is it all going to come from to power technological advances and maybe reverse climate change?

Earth Monitoring - massive monitoring projects to help predict and prevent natural disasters

Natural Disasters - earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami and more

Pandemics - diseases can spread faster than we can produce cures and vaccines

Society - If society doesn’t survive, then you don’t survive… technology giveth, and technology taketh away!


Immortality roadmap - Turchin Alexei's maps of global catastrophic risks including natural disasters, biological weapons and genetic engineering.

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