Step one of living forever is staying healthy so this section will cover key health topics and particularly the big killers that cause the most deaths in the western world.

Big KillersThere are a few diseases that cause most deaths in the western world where we don’t have to worry so much about poverty, famine or natural disasters. So anything you can do to prevent these will greatly improve your chance of living forever – I’ll also be reporting on any medical advances that reduce mortality rates – i.e. improving your chances without you having to lift a finger!

Recent News

Stroke deaths rate decreased in UK, but younger people are having more strokes

NHS - 23-May-2019

2% rise in stroke rates in people aged 35 to 54 yearly.


Clinical trials to test a dual-hormone artificial pancreas system

Verdict - 23-May-2019

Fully automated diabetes care for people living with type 1 diabetes in the future


Placental stem cells can regenerate damaged heart cells

New Atlas - 22-May-2019

Creating beating cells and blood vessels that could treat heart attack victims

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