Step one of living forever is staying healthy so this section covers key health topics and the latest research into common conditions and new therapeutic developments. Of particular interest are medical advances that reduce mortality rates – i.e. improving your chances of living long enough to live forever without you having to lift a finger!

Big Killers

There are a handful diseases that cause most deaths in the western world (i.e. where we don’t have to worry so much about poverty, famine or natural disasters). So, anything you can do to prevent these will greatly improve your chance of living forever.

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Company Woebot - Automated friend & life coach.

Company Stroke Association - Charity in the UK that works to prevent stroke and to support everyone touched by stroke.

Company - An on-demand mental health company.

Company HeartFlow - Medical technology company transforming the diagnosis and management of coronary artery disease.

Company BioNTech - Company developing patient-specific immunotherapies for cancer.

Application EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker - Only at-home solution to test your eyes.

Institute Melanoma Institute Australia - Institute dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma through world-class research, treatment and education programs.

Video Seeing Things: Visual Disturbances We All Experience - Dr. Inés Dawson explains when you're seeing proteins and white blood cells in your vision

Company Darmiyan - Novel quantitative virtual microscopy for early detection of Alzheimer's disease from non-invasive MRI.

Company JDRF - Nonprofit organization that funds type 1 diabetes research.

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Boosting Gpld1 protein could have same benefits as exercise

Medical Xpress - 09-Jul-2020

I'm sure there's more to exercise than this, but an interesting start to a potential wonder drug


The blood-brain barrier selectivity is impaired with age

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 09-Jul-2020

Experiments in mice confirmed this, unraveling ageing mystery if it translates to humans


Highly specific and effective anti-cancer custom nanoparticle

Nano Magazine - 08-Jul-2020

Able to regress tumor in mice within one to two days, and prevent regrowth

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