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Step one of living forever is staying healthy so this section covers key health topics and the latest research into common conditions and new therapeutic developments. Of particular interest are medical advances that reduce mortality rates – i.e. improving your chances of living long enough to live forever without you having to lift a finger!

Big Killers

There are a handful diseases that cause most deaths in the western world (i.e. where we don’t have to worry so much about poverty, famine or natural disasters). So, anything you can do to prevent these will greatly improve your chance of living forever.

Read more about: Antibiotic Resistance, Big Pharma, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory Disease, Stroke.

Health News

NeuroSense raises $4.5M and partners with Lonza to combat neurodegenerative diseases

Longevity Technology - 12-Apr-2024

Funding fuels R&D, and collaboration focus on improving diagnosis and treatment options


New drug prototype offers hope for repairing damaged lungs

EurekAlert! - 10-Apr-2024

The drug targets the lungs and activates stem cells


Welsh Ambulance delivers life-saving defibrillators using drones

BBC - 10-Apr-2024

Novel approach to quickly reach heart attack victims, trials underway


LyGenesis aims to grow a second liver within patient's own body

Interesting Engineering - 03-Apr-2024

Scientists injected liver cells into a patient's lymph node, aiming to create a "mini liver"

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Health Resources

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Filter Optix

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Improve your health and wellbeing by filtering artificial blue light with scientifically developed glasses


The number 1 sensor-based glucose monitoring system used worldwide

Epigenetic Clocks Connected to Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases


Steve Horvath talking about epigenetic clocks by Ageing Research at King's (ARK) (FREE)

Korro Bio

RNA editing, leveraging natural processes common to all multi-cellular organisms, merged with Frequency Therapeutics

Health Effects Institute (HEI)

Nonprofit company specialized in research on the health effects of air pollution

Precision Medicines

Company that develops novel targeted medicines with companion biomarkers for cancer patients

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Health Blog Posts

Supplementing to Survive

Supplementing to Survive

Many biomarkers decline with age, but can you supplement to compensate and recover your health?

Exponential Increase in Mortality and Diseases

Exponential Increase in Mortality and Diseases

The data and science behind the exponential growth in mortality with age

Can love defeat death?

Can love defeat death?

Health and life expectancy are affected by love, sex and marriage

New cancer therapies in 2022 achieving unprecedented remissions - reviewing a year of hope

New cancer therapies in 2022 achieving unprecedented remissions - reviewing a year of hope

Including gene editing, immunotherapy, modified viruses, vaccines, personalised medicine, and nanotechnology

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