Heart Disease

In 2012 heart disease was the biggest cause of death in the UK - killing 15.6% men (1 in 6) and 10.3% (1 in 10) women. So anything you can do to help your heart out - eating healthily is a good start - will increase your longevity.

This section will maintain key information and medical advancements relating to heart disease - how to prevent it and what treatments are available.


NHS heart age calculator - https://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/nhs-health-check/Pages/check-your-heart-age-tool.aspx

Heart Disease Blog Posts

Repairing damaged hearts - first step to rejuvenation

Recent News

Vaping is better than smoking, but quitting smoking is the best

BBC - 16-Nov-2019

No vaping is even better for your heart


A protein that plays a key role in the making of cholesterol plaques: TRB1

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 11-Nov-2019

Still at an early stage in research - working on mouse models


Connection between insomnia and risk of heart attack and stroke

NHS - 07-Nov-2019

People who have insomnia had a small increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke over 10 years

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