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Past Events

GIANT Health Event

06-Dec-2022 to 07-Dec-2022

Europe's largest, most valuable international festival of healthtech and innovation organized by GIANT Health

Cryonics demonstration and training


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK

Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing 2022

25-Nov-2022 to 26-Nov-2022

Unique biennial online meeting of scientists working on the biology of ageing organized by Heales and International Longevity Alliance (FREE)

Future of Ageing 2022: A vision for the next 25 years


Annual conference by the International Longevity Centre

Investing in the age of longevity


London event organized by Master Investor bringing longevity scientists and inventors speaking about latest ageing related discoveries and investments

Longevity Week 2022

14-Nov-2022 to 18-Nov-2022

Organised by the Longevity Forum - more details coming

Quantum Healthy Longevity


Event about Healthy longevity innovation mission by Collider Health (FREE)

TransVision Madrid 2022 Cryonics First Response (CFR) Training

12-Nov-2022 to 13-Nov-2022

During November 12-13, 2022, Madrid will host its next TransVision Summit with a focus on human cryopreservation

Transhumanism: Technology and the Aging of the Human Body


Online event by Micromega with David Wood and José Luis Coldeiro speaking about transhumanism

Healthy Masters International Conference

05-Nov-2022 to 06-Nov-2022

Healthy Masters conference about living longer and healthier life

Fasting & Aging: Why Women are Different


Oxford Longevity Project webinar about fasting and difference between men and women with Dr. Stephanie Estima and Abhinav Diwan

Longevity therapeutics: AI discovery of dual-purpose aging & disease drugs


Online event about harnessing the power of AI to improve the discovery process for drugs by OSAL with Alex Zhavoronkov (FREE)

Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2022

14-Oct-2022 to 15-Oct-2022

The leading networking event for rejuvenation startups, longevity investors and translational researchers by Forever Healthy Foundation

Targeting Metabesity 2022

10-Oct-2022 to 13-Oct-2022

The Kitalys Institute virtual conference about going beyond treating individual diseases to extending healthy lifespan

RAADfest 2022

06-Oct-2022 to 09-Oct-2022

In person, in San Diego, CA. Organised by Coalition for Radical Life Extension.

10 years of the Longevity Day/Month Campaign


Open online ILA meeting in honour of the International Longevity Day

Longevity Investors Conference 2022

28-Sep-2022 to 30-Sep-2022

Conference gathering longevity experts and investors at one place hosted by Marc P. Bernegger and Dr. Tobias Reichmuth

Cryonics demonstration and training


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK

Longevity Summit Dublin 2022

18-Sep-2022 to 20-Sep-2022

Event gathering Global Longevity and Rejuvenation community in Dublin with many longevity movement superstars as speakers

Nutrition and the biology of ageing

12-Sep-2022 to 14-Sep-2022

Event about nutrition and its impact on metabolism organized by British Society for Research on Ageing

Ending Aging Forum 2022

02-Sep-2022 to 03-Sep-2022

Science and Education virtual conference organized by SENS Research Foundation (FREE)

ARDD 2022 - 9th Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting

29-Aug-2022 to 02-Sep-2022

Event about latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging organized by University of Copenhagen

Ending Age-Related Diseases 2022

11-Aug-2022 to 14-Aug-2022

Virtual Conference for Rejuvenation Biotechnology and Life Extension organized by Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation

Cryonics demonstration and training


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK

Longevity Financial Club Launched at Oxford and Cambridge Club


Club’s launch event featured presentations and panel discussions by a number of Longevity Financial Industry professionals

Alcor Conference 2022

03-Jun-2022 to 05-Jun-2022

Conference about cryonics and life extension organized by Alcor with David Chalmers and George Church as featured speakers

Health Optimisation Summit 2022

28-May-2022 to 29-May-2022

Event about health optimisation organized by London Health Optimisation Biohacker Social Circle

Human cryopreservation: the key legal and policy issues


Online event about human cryopreservation organized by London Futurists with Jordi Sandalinas as a main speaker (FREE)

Undoing Aging 2022 CANCELLED

26-May-2022 to 28-May-2022

Focused on the cellular and molecular repair of age-related damage (Berlin)

Healthy Ageing (Virtual Conference)

25-May-2022 to 27-May-2022

Virtual conference by Wellcome Connecting Science with Judith Campisi as a keynote speaker

A Spotlight on the Latest Research and Innovation In Ageing, Longevity, and Data


Event about latest research and innovation in ageing organized by OBN (FREE)

Investing in the Future of Longevity – the Ketone Chapter


Juvenescence webinar about the latest research and developments on future of longevity investment

Rejuveron Age Better Live Longer Symposium


Symposium about healthy living organized by Rejuveron (FREE)

Future Superhuman: Our transhuman lives in a make-or-break century


Elise Bohan talks about her new book, Future Superhuman: Our Transhuman Lives in a Make-or-Break Century, at this London Futurists online event (FREE)

CULS Webinar: Melike Dönertaş


Online webinar by Cambridge University Longevity Society with Melike Dönertaş, EMBO Postdoctoral Fellow at Leibniz Institute on Aging

Deconstructing The Epigenetic Methylation Clocks


Event about epigenetic clocks organized by TruDiagnostics with Morgan Levine discussing her new paper

Health is the new wealth


Event about longevity and healthy life organized by Deep Knowledge Group

Ageless Epigenetics


Webinar on epigenetics organized by Ageless Partners with Kamila Issabayeva as a speaker

OS-01 BODY: Live Q&A with OneSkin’s Founders


Learn how and why OS-01 BODY was developed and how it can help you achieve your healthiest skin yet

Interventions to Trigger ’Younging’ Mechanisms


Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss speaking about aging and rejuvenation in online event organized by London Futurists (FREE)

Global launch: Delivering prevention in an ageing world


Event about prevention in an ageing organized by International Longevity Centre UK

AI in Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D


Online webinar about Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery organized by Deep Pharma Intelligence (FREE)

Cryonics demonstration and training


Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK

Autophagy & Heart Health webcast


Webcast hosted by the Oxford Longevity Project with Prof Junichi Sadoshima, Rutgers University and Prof Robin Choudhury, Oxford University (FREE)

CULS Webinar: Andrew J. Scott


Online webinar by Cambridge University Longevity Society with Andrew J Scott, Professor of Economics at LSE and author of "The 100 Year Life"

Ageless: the science of getting old without getting older


Andrew Steele discusses the research into how ageing is not inevitable at The Royal Institution online event (Online tickets £0 – £21.14)

Mutagenesis screens define conserved functions of metabolism and longevity


Online event by OSAL where Martin Denzel speaks on the role of protein homeostasis in health and longevity (FREE)

The future of thinking about death


Philosopher Ingemar Patrick Linden talks about his new book, The Case Against Death, at this London Futurists online event (FREE)

Longevity Leaders World Congress 2022

26-Feb-2022 to 27-Feb-2022

Event for leaders in longevity science, technology, business and finance organized by Longevity Leaders (LSX)

Citizens Science and Your Longevity


Online webinar about science and longevity organized by Coalition for Radical Life Extension moderated by Dr. Greg Fahy (FREE)

A4LI Virtual Policy Discussion


Online event by The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives hosting political insiders advancing policy to support longevity

CULS Webinar: Marco Quarta


Online webinar by Cambridge University Longevity Society with Marco Quarta, Co-Founder & CEO of Rubedo Life Sciences as speaker

20 years of Longevity Activism


U.S. Transhumanist Party Virtual Enlightenment Salon with Ilia Stambler

Replacing Aging, with Jean Hébert


Stem cell transplantation to replace damage caused by ageing - London Futurists online event


21-Jan-2022 to 23-Jan-2022

Online event about longevity boosting organized by Longevity Hackathon with many speakers from the biotech, pharma and other fields

The case for ’30 in 30’: Adding 30 years to healthspans by 2050


Karen Hooper, Martin Carkett, and Jess Northend speaking about longer healthspans on London Futurists online event (FREE)

Healthy Longevity - Healthy Growth


Tina Woods talks about the path to achieving healthy longevity at Oxford Society of Ageing and Longevity event (FREE)

The Landscape of Cancer Vaccines and Research Platforms: The Cutting Edge


Findings from a unique market study revealing R&D platforms for developing therapeutic cancer vaccines

Health equals wealth: How can the UK and Europe work together towards healthy ageing?


ILC UK hosted virtual event exploring how the EU and UK can work together on healthy ageing

Younging: Triggering Ancient Mechanisms for Rejuvenation


Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss discuss the body's rejuvenation processes, at this London Futurists online event

Innovations in Consumer Longevity Data: A Global Perspective


Ageing Research at King's (ARK) Longevity Week 2021 Event (FREE)

How to Live Longer by Slowing Down Ageing (Wallingford)


Club founder, Adrian Cull, explains how scientists are unravelling the secrets of ageing

An Argument for Healthy Longevity (and Public Health)


Online event organized by Columbia Mailman School of Public Health featuring Victor J. Dzau

Metabesity 2021

11-Oct-2021 to 14-Oct-2021

The Kitalys institute virtual conference targeting key questions that will impact the future of aging and extending healthspan

Transvision Madrid 2021

08-Oct-2021 to 10-Oct-2021

World congress discussing on futurist concepts like longevity extension, artificial intelligence, human enhancement and other technologies with first humanoid robot speaker, Sophia, organized by HumanityPlus.

Food as Medicine Masterclass


Dr. William Li explains how specific foods can activate health defense systems

Longevity Investors Conference


Online conference gathering longevity experts and investors at one place hosted by Marc P. Bernegger and Dr. Tobias Reichmuth


24-Sep-2021 to 26-Sep-2021

Online event about longevity boosting with many speakers from the biotech, pharma and diagnostics and other fields

A Paradigm Shift in Aging Research?


Harold Katcher updates London Futurists on his research and talks about his theories of ageing

Annual Scientific Meeting - Metabolism of Ageing

06-Sep-2021 to 08-Sep-2021

Jointly organised with the Biochemical Society - researcher disciplines include biochemistry, biology and medicine

Cryonics discussion and training


Organised by Cryonics UK but available to anyone with an interest in cryonics or life extension

ARDD 2021 - 8th Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting

31-Aug-2021 to 03-Sep-2021

Online event about latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging organized by University of Copenhagen chaired by Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, Daniela Bakula and Alex Zhavoronkov, and with many speakers.

Longevity Medicine Workshop


Workshop is part of ARDD 2021 conference that brings health care providers involved in longevity, organized by Cassandra Coburn and Evelyne Bischof. (FREE)

The Science and Technology of Growing Young


Sergey Young talks about his new book at this London Futurists online event

Ending Age-Related Diseases (EARD) 2021

19-Aug-2021 to 22-Aug-2021

Hear the latest developments from the leading experts in rejuvenation biotechnology research

Regenerative Medicine and Longevity


Dr. Robert Hariri speaks about advances in immunotherapy and regenerative medicine in live AMA with Sergey Young

Anticipating a sea-change in public attitude, with Dr Aubrey de Grey


How should people interested in the future help society prepare for that sea-change transition in attitude?

Personalized Diagnostics and the Future of Longevity


Naveen Jain speaks about diagnostics technologies with Sergey Young at live AMA online event

Biomarkers of Human Longevity


Online conference about aging biomarkers organized by Longevity.International with many speakers from the longevity industry (FREE)

Whole Body Super Longevity


Coalition for Radical Life Extension webinar on how to enable longevity with Sergey Young and Dr David Minkhoff as speakers

Longevity.International Launch Event


Promoting a greater degree of synergy, efficient cooperation, and discussion within the industry

Epigenetics and aging: Biological clocks in health and disease


Online event about epigenetic clocks and how they affect aging in health and disease organized by The Royal Society of Medicine, with key speakers Claudio Franceschi, Steve Horvath, Cathal McCrory and David A. Sinclair.

Mental Health and Brain Longevity


Online event about brain health and longevity with David Perlmutter, Sergey Young and Sourav Sinha.

Report launch: The longevity of sporting legends


Online event about the impact of professional sport on longevity organized by International Longevity Centre UK.

Ageing: a Gut Feeling - talk by Prof Linda Partridge


17th D. Harold Copp Lecture hosted by the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine (FREE)

Longevity+ Seminar #3: Healthy Longevity Promotion


Scientific And Social Perspectives By Ilia Stambler

Treating aging as a disease with David Sinclair


Sergey Young and Sourav Sinha host an AMA with the Harvard professor

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with The PEARL Team


Find out more about the Participatory Evaluation of Aging with Rapamycin for Longevity Study (FREE)

re:MAKING SENSE: Challenges and opportunities of sensory augmentation


Online event about sensory augmentation organized by re:MAKING SENSE with Marianna Obrist, Scott Novich and Liviu Babitz as main speakers. (FREE)

Extending Human Healthspan and Longevity


Online webinar focused on longevity extension without health related issues organized by The New York Academy of Sciences with Nir Barzilai and Pinchas Cohen as keynote speakers.

Green Templeton College Human Welfare Conference 2021


Online event about healthy ageing and the opportunities of longevity organized by University of Oxford. (FREE)

Healthspan Show

10-May-2021 to 14-May-2021

Online event about longevity and wellness organized by Longevity Leaders (LSX) with many speakers included.

Longevity Leaders World Congress 2021

04-May-2021 to 07-May-2021

The virtual event for leaders in longevity science, technology, business and finance organized by Longevity Leaders (LSX).

The Future Starts Now


Online event about futurism, from eugenics, unnatural selection and amortality, to the future of work, organized by London Futurists (FREE)

Eyes on the Prize: Think Long Term: Brain Health Today and Tomorrow


Online webinar about brain health, brain optimization and prevention of brain inflammation, organized by Coalition for Radical Life Extension and hosted by Bernadeane and James Strole and Kristen Willeumier and Dr. Mark Gordon as main speakers. (FREE)

Aging as an Engineering Problem - AMA with Aubrey de Grey


Ask Me Anything hosted by Sergey Young, and Sourav Sinha

Practical Human Longevity


Online event focuses on market-ready technologies and approaches for Healthy Human Longevity with main speakers Dmitry Kaminskiy and Expert Longevity Practitioner Arkadi Prokopov, organized by Aging Analytics Agency. (FREE)

UK SPINE 2021 Annual conference

21-Apr-2021 to 23-Apr-2021

Series of events focused on research and innovation in geroscience and ageing therapeutics organized by UK SPINE.

We have always been cyborgs


London Futurists webinar about transhumanism with Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (FREE)

Commercialisation pathways of longevity innovation


Online event with Prof. João Pedro de Magalhães and Ms. Svitlana Surodina organized by Ageing Research at King's. (FREE)