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Smart Ageing Summit 2024

Enhance your health span and longevity with these expert talks organized by Oxford Longevity Project (Oxford, UK)


The Oxford Longevity Project is bringing together world-leading longevity scientists and clinicians to St Hilda’s College, Oxford University on Saturday, 29 June 2024 for the annual Smart Ageing Summit. We hope to equip you with the tools to age smarter and live a happier and more independent life, all within the intimate environment of an Oxford college, along the banks of the River Cherwell, perfect for picnicking with other attendees or even trying your hand at punting, Oxford and Cambridge’s own special way of enjoying a sunny afternoon on the river, with a view of Oxford’s dreaming spires.

Speakers at this event are:

  • Christopher Ball
  • Denis Noble
  • Ghada Alsaleh
  • Leslie Kenny
  • Muir Gray
  • Nikolina Lauc
  • Robin Choudhury
  • Sandra Kaufmann
  • Sasi Senga
  • Sovan Sarkar
  • Sunny Singh

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Mentioned in this Resource

Denis Noble

British biologist and Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology at the University of Oxford

Ghada Alsaleh

Principal Investigator at the University of Oxford

Leslie Kenny

CEO at Oxford Healthspan

Muir Gray

Director at The Optimal Ageing Programme.

Nikolina Lauc

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GlycanAge

Sandra Kaufmann

Author and Chief of Pediatric Anesthesiology at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Sasi Senga

Neurosurgical Oncologist, Lecturer in Medicine, Author & Researcher at the University of Oxford

Sir Christopher Ball

Honorary Fellow at the University of Oxford

Sovan Sarkar

Birmingham Fellow (equivalent to Assistant Professor) at the University of Birmingham

Sunny Singh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Roundglass, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

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