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Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit

Event about aging and aging related diseases organized by Hanson Wade

31-May-2023 to 02-Jun-2023

With 3 days of abundant insights into the latest breakthroughs and research and 20 world class speakers pioneering the next wave of novel and efficacious therapeutics, the 5th Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit is biopharma’s unmissable meeting for the expedition of treatment that targets primarily targets aging.

This inaugural summit will delve deep into the understanding of biological mechanisms of aging, discovery of novel senescent biomarkers, utilisation of 3D-tissue models from aged humans, overcoming regulatory hurdles, navigating investments and funding, and the latest therapeutic modalities to treat, reverse and prevent age-related disease.

Join 100+ of your peers including Deciduous Therapeutics, Nanotics, Juvena Therapeutics, Leucadia Therapeutics, Telocyte, and many more to unite and empower each other with the knowledge and insights you need to commercialize your age-related disease therapeutics.

Speakers at this summit are:

• Abdulkader Rahmo

• Alexander Pickett

• Andrei Gudkov

• Birgit Schilling

• David Furman

• Doug Ethell

• Eddie Moler

• Gayathri Swaminath

• Hanadie Yousef

• Hans Keirstead

• James Peyer

• Jerry McLaughlin

• Jyothi Devakumar

• Kate Batz

• Lorna Harries

• Louis Hawthorne

• Marco Quarta

• Michael Fossel

• Pankaj Kapahi

• Peng Leong

• Reason

• Robin Mansukhani

• Shamina Rangwala

• Szilard Voros

• Viktoria Kheifets

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Mentioned in this Resource

Abdulkader Rahmo

President and CSO at SMSbiotech

Alexander Pickett

Managing Director at Juvenescence

Andrei Gudkov

Sr. Vice President, Basic Science at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Birgit Schilling

Professor at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

David Furman

Director of the Buck Artificial Intelligence Platform & Stanford 1000 Immunomes Project

Doug Ethell

Founder and CEO at Leucadia Therapeutics

Eddie Moler

Vice President of Data Science at Juvena Therapeutics

Gayathri Swaminath

Senior Vice President of Discovery at Juvena Therapeutics

Hanadie Yousef

Co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics

Hans Keirstead

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at AIVITA Biomedical and Chairman of the Board at Immunis

James Peyer

Stem cell biologist out to build biotech companies focused on age-related diseases, CEO at Cambrian Biopharma

Jerry McLaughlin

Chief Executive Officer at Life Biosciences

Jyothi Devakumar

Scientist, founder, investor, Group CSO and Partner at the Longevity Tech Fund

Kate Batz

Managing Partner at Longevity Capital and Director of Strategy at Deep Knowledge Ventures and Aging Analytics Agency

Lorna Harries

Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Exeter

Louis Hawthorne

Founder and CEO at NaNotics

Marco Quarta

Co-Founder CEO at Rubedo Life Sciences

Michael Fossel

Professor and author of several books on aging

Pankaj Kapahi

Education professional skilled in Research, Life Sciences, Genetics, Biochemistry, and Science

Peng Leong

Chief Business Officer and Head of Brain Aging at BioAge Labs

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