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Longevity Summit Dublin 2024

Event gathering Global Longevity and Rejuvenation community in Dublin by LEV Foundation (Dublin, Ireland)

13-Jun-2024 to 16-Jun-2024

At Longevity Summit Dublin, our mission is to recognise emerging research developments to extend human healthspan by gathering together world leading scientists. 

We host an exciting 4 day longevity conference which brings cutting edge science from the leading scientists in the ageing field.  This conference will feature over 40 global pioneering scientists and researchers, as well as high net-worth investors on the same stage all focused on challenging the epidemic of chronic diseases.

Speakers at this summit are:

  • Aaron Cravens
  • Alberto Aparicio
  • Alec Lackmann
  • Alejandro Ocampo
  • Alessandro Maggi
  • Alex Zhavoronkov
  • Alexander Fedintsev
  • Andrew Steele
  • Andy Lee
  • Aubrey de Grey
  • Ben Goertzel
  • Ben Meyers
  • Bernard Siegel
  • Björn Schumacher
  • Brian Kennedy
  • Caitlin Lewis
  • David Wood
  • Emma Teeling
  • Evan Snyder
  • Francesca Ranieri
  • Hanadie Yousef
  • Holly Brown-Borg
  • Jan Gruber
  • Joris Deelen
  • Kamen Shoylev
  • Kenneth Scott
  • Kotb Abdelmohsen
  • Laurence Ion
  • Lou Hawthorne
  • Lynne Cox
  • Manuel Serrano
  • Maria Blasco
  • Maria Marinova
  • Marc Bernegger
  • Martin O’Dea
  • Matthew ‘Oki’ O’Connor
  • Max Unfried
  • Mehmood Khan
  • Melissa King
  • Michael Ringel
  • Michael Suk
  • Miguel Brieño-Enriquez
  • Morten Scheibye-Knudsen
  • Natalie Coles
  • Patrizia D’Alessio
  • Peter Diamandis
  • Reason
  • Rozalyn Anderson
  • Sebastian Brunemeier
  • Stasa Stankovic
  • Todd White
  • Tom Lawry
  • Wacław Jan Kroczek
  • Walter Crompton
  • Yuta Lee

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Mentioned in this Resource

Aaron Cravens

Bioengineer and CEO at Revel Pharmaceuticals

Alberto Aparicio

Assistant Professor of Bioethics and Health Humanities at The University of Texas Medical Branch

Alec Lackmann

Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth

Alejandro Ocampo

Assistant Professor at University of Lausanne

Alessandro Maggi

Founder at Ecate

Alex Zhavoronkov

CEO of InSilico Medicine & Deep Longevity. CSO of Biogerontology Research Foundation

Alexander Fedintsev

Scientist, bioinformatician and machine learning engineer

Andrew Steele

Scientist, writer (author of Ageless) and presenter

Andy Lee

Director and Chief Operating Officer at Vincere Biosciences

Aubrey de Grey

President and Chief Science Officer at Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation

Ben Goertzel

CEO. of AI software company Novamente LLC and bioinformatics company Biomind LLC

Ben Meyers

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LongeviQuest

Bernard Siegel

Executive Director and Founder of the Healthspan Action Coalition and Executive Director of the nonprofit Regenerative Medicine Foundation

Bjoern Schumacher

Professor for Genome Stability in Aging and Disease at the University of Cologne

Brian Kennedy

Prof of Biochemistry and Physiology at NUS, CSO Ponce De Leon Health

Caitlin Lewis

Director of Project Pipeline & Strategy as LEV Foundation

David Wood

Chair at London Futurists and author

Emma Teeling

Associate Professor at University College Dublin

Evan Snyder

Professor at Sanford Burnham Prebys Institute & Dept. of Pediatrics

Hanadie Yousef

Co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics