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Healthy Aging: Putting the life in the years

Event about healthy ageing organised by Oxford North / Proteintech (Oxford, UK)


Embark on a journey into the fascinating world of aging with Professor Aziz Aboobaker and Postdoctoral Researcher Kieran Smith. Regeneration, the ability to restore damaged or lost tissues, holds profound implications for both medicine and the biology of aging. Prof Aboobaker will share his groundbreaking research into the mechanisms underlying regeneration in diverse organisms, while Dr Smith will lead us through the critical ways our bodies regulate blood sugar throughout our lives. 

Speakers at this event are:

  • Aziz Aboobaker and
  • Kieran Smith

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Details last updated 25-Apr-2024

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Mentioned in this Resource

Aziz Aboobaker

Professor of Comparative and Functional Genomics at the University of Oxford

Kieran Smith

Postdoctoral Researcher at OCDEM, University of Oxford

Topics mentioned on this page:
Regenerative Medicine, Ageing Research