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Health Optimisation Summit 2024

Event about health optimisation organized by London Health Optimisation Biohacker Social Circle (London, UK)

15-Jun-2024 to 15-Jun-2024

The health industry has become a sickness industry. More people are chronically ill and on medications than in the history of mankind. There’s as much misinformation as there are pills for every ill, and new health ‘celebrities’, treatments, conferences, and diets have been appearing like never before. While there are some stunning successes, generally they can be very focal, disjointed, and not tackling the issue from a high enough level. It’s time to centralise, join forces, and break down barriers with The Health Optimisation Summit. 

This isn’t just a UK first, it’s a world first. We’re curating the best from all the key diets, and everything in the health, wellbeing, medical, nutrition, biohacking and fitness worlds, with the view not to push one mindset, but  to incorporate them all with the sole goal of making people healthier – using whichever mindset or 'diet' is best for the individual.

Our first summit in 2019 proved how powerful connecting the smartest minds in each of these worlds is – and how many people can live healthier, happier lives as a result. This is our shared goal. Not sickness care, but optimised health using all the best knowledge, data and people in this space, globally. 

Speakers to be announced.

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