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Cryonics UK training

Demonstration of cryopreservation procedures by Cryonics UK (FREE, London, UK)


Cryonics is an emerging and speculative field which has as its goal the long term preservation and storage at cold temperatures of human tissues, and in particular the brain, in anticipation of possible future technologies which may be able to reverse the effects of death and aging and restore patients back to life.

This event is an opportunity to take part in a demonstration of cryopreservation procedures and to discuss cryonics, ask questions, and optionally participate in hands-on training. No previous experience is required and you are free to simply observe if you do not wish to actively participate. Light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) will be provided. After the training those who want to stay on will head to a local restaurant for a dinner and informal cryonics discussions.

Location: London

Visit website:

See also: Institute Cryonics UK - Non-profit organisation which provides assistance to those who wish for their body to be cryopreserved

Details last updated 31-May-2024

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