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Longevity Policy - Coffee and Chat (London)

Longevity Cafe Meetup to discuss what government policies should be campaigned for


The International Longevity Alliance is organising events for Longevity Month in October - hopefully to include demonstrations in Israel, Belgium, Germany and Spain. I'm thinking of organising one in London, so first step is to think what the theme of the demonstration would be - for example:

  • targeting research budgets towards ageing (instead of individual diseases)
  • introducing longevity clinics to prevent disease
  • classifying ageing as a disease (to boost investment in biotechs)

What government policy do you think would have the biggest positive impact on longevity?

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See also: Institute Live Forever Club - UK life extension club promoting equality in longevity

Details last updated 27-Jul-2023

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Longevity Policy - Coffee and Chat (London)