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Reason reports back from Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit 2023

Many people believe lots of clinical trials of novel therapeutics targeting mechanisms of aging will start up in the next few years


Key points from article :

Birgit Schilling - Buck Institute for Research on Aging - discussed the role of cellular senescence in bone aging. 

Abdlkadar Rahmo - SMSbiotech - presented on the merits of in vitro human cell and tissue models of aging, with a focus on organoids derived from patient tissue samples.

Adam Kaplin - MyMD Pharmaceuticals - presented on their inhibitory molecule that targets TNF-alpha and other important cytokines in inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Reason presented on recent progress at Repair Biotechnologies - using gene therapy able to reverse atherosclerosis in animal models. Aim to conduct first pre-IND meeting with the FDA later this year.

Peter Fedichev - Gero - presented on their analysis of aging and disease, with a view of regulatory systems and disturbance of homeostasis.

Robin Mansukhani - Deciduous Therapeutics  - clearing senescent cells by adjusting behaviour of the immune system. The company is focused on natural killer T cells and use small molecules to provoke into recognizing and destroying senescent cells.

Doug Ethell - Leucadia Therapeutics - discussed progress towards a small implantable device that restores cerebrospinal fluid drainage through the cribriform plate behind the nose to treat neurodegeneration. 

Michael Fossel - Telocyte -  has sufficient funding to conduct clinical trials of telomerase gene therapy as a treatment for various diseases of aging including Alzheimer's disease.

Jerry McLaughlin - Life Biosciences - use an AAV delivered OSK cocktail to trigger partial reprogramming. Targeting retinal damage and aging Aiming for an initial clinical trial to start in late 2024.

Louis Hawthorne - NaNotics - silica nanoparticle decorated with binding agents and covered by a shield layer that can efficiently remove specific molecules from the bloodstream without interacting with cell surfaces. Moving to human trials in 2024.

James Peyer - Cambrian Bio - suggests we need to build new types of long-term research and development organizations, ones with sufficient funding to run multi-disease prevention trials over a longer timeframe than is presently possible. 

Lorna Harries - SENISCA - platform for adjusting age-related dysregulations in RNA processing in order to suppress the burden of cellular senescence. Initially targeting idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Marco Quarta - Rubedo Life Sciences - works on a machine learning platform to identify senescent states associated with specific tissues and conditions, and then screen new senolytic small molecules. Aiming for an initial clinical trial in 2024.

Viktoria Kheifets - Alkahest - discussed the current state of the art in altering levels of specific blood factors in order to suppress detrimental metabolic changes characteristic of aging. They see blood plasma as a master communication highway.

Szilard Voros - G3 Therapeutics - big data analysis of omics and epidemiological databases of thousands of individuals assessed over time, to rationally design entire clinical programs targeting age-related diseases., from the mechanistic target through to predicted odds of success of a clinical trial of a small molecule targeting that mechanism. The company has built a vast set of data, down to the level of expression patterns in specific issues, and uses that data to move therapeutics towards the clinic.

Andrei Gudkov - Roswell Park Cancer Center - presented a contrarian position on senescent cell biochemistry. Dormant harm may only be realized when cells are forced to proliferate.

Joshua McClure - Maxwell Biosciences - has a broad anti-inflammatory platform derived from innate immune system antimicrobial peptides discovered using big data analysis of heterochronic parabiosis studies.

Hans Keirstead - Immunis - culturing stem cells in order to produce a secretome as a drug that can improve immune function, reducing immunosenescence and inflammaging. 

Hanadie Yousef - Juvena Therapeutics - used proteomic analysis of secretomes from various cell types known to promote regeneration in order to identify regulatory molecules that are enriched in scenarios of regeneration. Hope to start clinical trials by the end of 2024.

David Furman - Buck Institute for Research on Aging - (i) large omics database of human imune aging lead to the inflammatory age (iAge) clock, and (ii)  acceleration of aging that occurs as a result of time spent in microgravity - Cosmica runs drug discovery programs.

Noah Davidsohn - Rejuvenate Bio - intend to take its gene therapies beyond the present correction of rare genetic disorders into a broader set of age-related conditions. Aims to expand out into a broad veterinary market for dogs to support clinical development for human use.

Alexander Picket - Juvenescence - discovery of a small population of humans with a loss of function mutation in PAI-1 and who appear to exhibit a longer life expectancy. This gene lives at the border of immune function and fibrinolytic system responsible for clotting.

Pankaj Kapahi - Buck Institue for Research on Aging - found a way to reduce methylglyoxal levels, a precursor of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs), in the body using a cocktail of supplements. Led to a spinout company Juvify Health.

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Abdulkader Rahmo

President and CSO at SMSbiotech

Adam Kaplin

Chief Scientific Officer of MyMD Pharmaceuticals

Alexander Pickett

Managing Director at Juvenescence


Biotechnology company focused on treating neurodegenerative and other age-related diseases

Andrei Gudkov

Sr. Vice President, Basic Science at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Birgit Schilling

Professor at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Buck Institute

Independent biomedical research institute focused on aging

Cambrian Biopharma

A distributed drug discovery company

Cosmica Biosciences

Company Accelerating Drug Discovery for Longevity

David Furman

Director of the Buck Artificial Intelligence Platform & Stanford 1000 Immunomes Project

Deciduous Therapeutics

Company developing a novel class of immune-modulatory therapies designed to promote a healthy lifespan.

Doug Ethell

Founder and CEO at Leucadia Therapeutics

G3 Therapeutics (G3T)

Biotechnology company that provides medical research and life sciences services focused on common and rare human diseases


AI-powered platform for drug discovery and drug repurposing for age-related diseases.

Hanadie Yousef

Co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics

Hans Keirstead

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at AIVITA Biomedical and Chairman of the Board at Immunis


Biotechnology company changing the course of immune-related diseases and ageing

James Peyer

Stem cell biologist out to build biotech companies focused on age-related diseases, CEO at Cambrian Biopharma

Jerry McLaughlin

Chief Executive Officer at Life Biosciences

Joshua McClure

Founder, CEO and Chairman at Maxwell Biosciences

Juvena Therapeutics

Biopharma discovering novel protein-based therapeutics that promote tissue regeneration


Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.


Supplements company providing affordable, accessible and science-backed options for healthy living

Leucadia Therapeutics

Company developing an early diagnostic and a device to prevent Alzheimer's disease

Life Biosciences

Drug development company promoting longevity and finding treatments for age-related diseases

Lorna Harries

Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Exeter

Louis Hawthorne

Founder and CEO at NaNotics

Marco Quarta

Co-Founder CEO at Rubedo Life Sciences

Maxwell Biosciences

Biotechnology company focused on the treatment of infectious diseases

Michael Fossel

Professor and author of several books on aging

MyMD Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapies to extend human lifespan


Company developing a novel nano-medicine platform for treating multiple diseases, including cancer, sepsis, auto-immune disorders and the harmful effects of aging.

Noah Davidsohn

Co-Founder and CSO at Rejuvenate Bio.

Pankaj Kapahi

Education professional skilled in Research, Life Sciences, Genetics, Biochemistry, and Science

Peter Fedichev

Founder of Gero and physicist in drug discovery land

Rejuvenate Bio

Company delivering age-reversing gene therapies for animals

Repair Biotechnologies

Biotechnology company focused on developing drugs for cholesterol and aging-related diseases

Robin Mansukhani

CEO and Co-founder of Deciduous Therapeutics

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

First center in USA focused on cancer research and treatment

Rubedo Life Sciences

Extending Health Span and Reverting Age-Related Diseases.


University of Exeter spinout developing senotherapeutic interventions through modulation of dysregulated RNA splicing


San Diego-based biotech company in regenerative medicine

Szilard Voros

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at G3 Therapeutics


Company focused on the development of telomerase therapy to treat Alzheimer's disease.

Viktoria Kheifets

Senior Vice President at Alkahest

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Reason reports back from Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit 2023