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James Peyer

Stem cell biologist out to build biotech companies focused on age-related diseases, CEO at Cambrian Biopharma

James Peyer, PhD is the Founder and CEO of a stealth-mode diversified pharmaceutical R&D holding company developing therapeutics targeting the biology of aging (‘geroscience’). The New York-based company builds, finances, and manages biotech companies. Dr. Peyer founded the company to translate laboratory breakthroughs in the extension of healthy lifespan into the clinic, predicting that the world is entering a revolution in biomedical research by targeting the root causes of aging and age-related disease.

Dr. Peyer has spoken on the topic of longevity biotech and investing for The Economist, TEDx, Longevity Leaders, ETH Zurich, and the Max Planck Institute on the Biology of Aging, to advance the mission of achieving widespread availability of longevity therapeutics this decade.

Before his current role, James was Founder and Managing Partner at Apollo Ventures, one of the major longevity-focused venture capital firms. Apollo has deployed over $20M and raised over $50M in the first three years of operations. He led investments in Cleara Biotech, Aeovian Pharmaceuticals, and Samsara Therapeutics and served on the Board and/or in executive roles for all three companies.

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