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Buck Institute

Independent biomedical research institute focused on aging

The Buck was a pioneer in research on aging, and now we’re a global leader in the field. We opened our doors in 1999, becoming the world’s only research institution singularly focused on the biology of aging, yielding insights into age-related diseases before they start. We hire scientists from a variety of disciplines to attack the problem from all sides because the answers we’re after won’t come from a single field. To enhance our process, we worked with world-renowned architect I.M. Pei to create a campus that literally would not allow our researchers to work in silos.

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Buck Institute is also referenced in the following:

BHB Therapeutics

Developing preventative medicines for age-related disease using ketone bodies

Napa Therapeutics

Focused on a novel target linked to one of the fundamental processes of aging

Selah Therapeutics

Company focused on novel ketone-based therapies for the treatment of heart diseases

Buck Institute Creations

SASP Atlas

Proteomic Atlas of SAS

People at Buck Institute

Parminder Singh

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Tara Tracy

Assistant professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Martin Brand

Professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Pankaj Kapahi

Education professional skilled in Research, Life Sciences, Genetics, Biochemistry, and Science

Birgit Schilling

Professor at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

David Furman

Director of the Buck Artificial Intelligence Platform & Stanford 1000 Immunomes Project

Lizellen La Follette

OBG-YN and Member Board Of Trustees at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Eric Verdin

CEO & President at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Suzanne Angeli

Assistant Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Lithgow lab, Buck Institute

Chuankai Zhou

Buck Fellow at Buck institute - studies mechanisms underlying the cellular aging process

Brianna Stubbs

Lead Translational Scientist at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Jennifer Garrison

Assistant Professor and Co-Founder & Director of Global Consortium for Reproductive Longevity & Equality at Buck Institute

Judith Campisi

Professor of biogerontology and Biochemist.

Bruce Barclay

New Zealand/British investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist

Julie Andersen

Professor at Buck Institute for Age Research.

Kenneth Wilson

Postdoctoral Researcher at Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Gordon Lithgow

Professor at The Buck Institute

Simon Melov

Professor at Buck Institute for Research on Aging and CEO of Gerostate Alpha.

Heinrich Jasper

Professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Chandani Limbad

Research scientist at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Buck Institute News

Mitochondria-targeted compound prevents and treats metabolic syndrome in mice

Buck Institute - 07-Jul-2023

Selectively inhibits problematic free radicals - potential breakthrough in treatment of chronic diseases & ageing


Reason reports back from Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit 2023

Fight Aging! - 16-Jun-2023

Many people believe lots of clinical trials of novel therapeutics targeting mechanisms of aging will start up in the next few years


Eye imaging can track the efficacy of interventions aimed at slowing the aging process

Buck Institute - 28-Mar-2023

Scans to know the eyeAge can provide an actionable evaluation of gero-protective therapeutics

Read more... summarises the proceedings of the Buck Institute's Longevity Summit (LEAF) - 20-Jan-2023

Another reminder of the amount of research, with multiple approaches, about to go into clinical trials


Senolytics-a risky proposition in aging and repair mechanisms (LEAF) - 19-Oct-2022

The study is a caution for scientists engaging in self-experimentation with senolytics


Reason reports back from October's Rejuvenation Startup Summit

Fight Aging! - 19-Oct-2022

Some really exciting developments with quite a few in clinical trials


Racing for the lead... Underdog becomes Cyclarity Therapeutics

Longevity Technology - 20-Jun-2022

Also announces move to Buck Institute for Research on Aging


Not just vision - diet and eye health is linked to aging in fruitflies

Buck Institute - 07-Jun-2022

Staring at gadget screens at night affects circadian clock and in turn lifespan


Buck researchers discover mitochondrial protein that can increase lifespan

Buck Institute - 18-May-2022

In yeast, increasing Tom70 delays ageing related mitochondrial dysfunction


Selah Therapeutics launched to focus on ketone-based therapies for heart disease

Longevity Technology - 13-May-2022

Treatment options for diseases of aging - from the makers of metabolic switch


A natural cholesterol metabolite with senolytic effect in mice and humans

Buck Institute - 02-Feb-2022

New class of senotherapeutic drugs that could possibly target various diseases and ageing


New study unveils the role of tau in neurodegenerative disease

Buck Institute - 20-Jan-2022

Interactions with mitochondrial & synaptic proteins highlight targets against Tau-mediated disease


Complicated connection between protein shape and mitochondrial health, causing aging

Buck Institute - 07-Sep-2021

The “bad” process of pore opening and the “good” process of UPRmt - connection revealed


Immune system clock tracks health, age-related disorders, and longevity

Buck Institute - 12-Jul-2021

Measuring immune health with a chemokine, CXCL9, for early disease interventions


First ever non-invasive biomarker test to detect senolysis

Buck Institute - 02-Apr-2021

Detectible senescence-specific biomarker allows development of new drugs for age-related conditions


Super summary of 3rd Annual Longevity Therapeutics Summit (LEAF) - 16-Feb-2021

More and more companies making greater and greater progress - 2021 could be an exciting year


Gerostate Alpha looks at ageing in an unbiased way

Longevity Technology - 20-Jan-2021

Instead of targeting specific hallmarks/pillars - they want to target ageing as a whole


A force of tissue stiffness could bring new changes to immune drugs

Buck Institute - 12-Jan-2021

Tissue stiffness alter immune system response to chronic diseases and ageing


Chronic inflammation promotes NAD+ decline during aging

Buck Institute - 16-Nov-2020

Senescent cells induce NAD+ decline via activation of CD8 macrophages


Body builder supplement AKG extends lifespan and healthspan of mice

Buck Institute - 01-Sep-2020

Blood levels fall with age. NUS planning a clinical trial with middle-aged humans.


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