Hanadie Yousef

Co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics

Dr. Hanadie Yousef is a trained stem cell biologist,  neurobiologist, and chemical biologist with a focus on the mechanisms of aging, with multiple issued and pending patents and several publications on methods for tissue rejuvenation during the last 17 years conducting research in numerous prestigious institutions.

Dr. Yousef earned a BS in chemistry with a minor in Spanish from Carnegie Mellon University, a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley, a 4.5-year postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford School of Medicine in Neurology, and has worked in R&D at  Regeneron and Genentech. In 2017, Dr. Yousef co-founded Juvena Therapeutics, Inc., to pursue her dream to build a revolutionary biopharmaceutical company that develops new medicines to promote tissue regeneration and increase healthspan in the elderly.

Visit website: https://www.juvenatherapeutics.com/hyousefbio

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Hanadie Yousef News

LEAF interviews Hanadie Yousef, co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) - 11-Feb-2020

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