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AI-powered platform for drug discovery and drug repurposing for age-related diseases.

Gero is a longevity biotech company founded by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the area of life sciences. Our goal is to extend healthy lifespan dramatically and delay age-related health issues. We identify novel anti-aging targets, develop life-extending therapies and estimate personal risks of diseases and mortality with the help of AI and proprietary models.

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Gero Creations

GeroSense AI

Digital biomarker for biological age and resilience to assess lifestyle, nutraceutical and therapeutic interventions

People at Gero

Alexey Strygin

Bioentrepreneur working on extending healthy longevity, Lead at GeroSense

Maxim Kholin

Co-founder & CEO of Gero (Singapore).

Peter Fedichev

Founder of Gero and physicist in drug discovery land.

Gero News

Reason reports back from October's Rejuvenation Startup Summit

Fight Aging! - 19-Oct-2022

Some really exciting developments with quite a few in clinical trials


New biological ageing clock based on movement data from a wearable device (LEAF) - 14-Sep-2021

Tracks biological age from physical activity without requiring a blood test


Suppressing bacterial hydrogen sulfide can make potent antibiotics - 10-Jun-2021

Enhancement of bactericidal effect at the same antibiotic dose


Science predicts that theoretically we can live up to 150 years

The Conversation (UK) - 08-Jun-2021

Is it time to find ways to make it our average life expectancy?


Blood cells and footsteps count predict the maximum human lifespan

Scientific American - 25-May-2021

A natural limit of 120-150 is a good start before even starting rejuvenation therapies


Inheritance of damaging mutations decides how long we get to live

GEN News - 10-Apr-2020

With whole exome and genome sequencing we could reveal so many secrets of life


Fight Aging! reports back from SENS Research Foundation Pitch Day

Fight Aging! - 20-Jan-2020

When some of these succeed in human trials even more money will pile in to fund further advances


Using AI to Predict Biological Age

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) - 30-Mar-2018

Physical activity data from wearables can produce digital biomarkers of aging. AI-based algorith...


Half-century old misconception removes limits on life extension

EurekAlert! - 07-Feb-2017

Strehler-Mildvan (SM) correlation was reported in 1960. It relates to the Mortality Rate Doublin...