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Body's repair system falters with age as stem cells lose their regenerative power

Live Forever Club - 12-Apr-2024

Machine learning reveals widespread decline in stem cell potency with age


Somatic mutations: Do these DNA changes hold the secrets to longevity?

Live Forever Club - 31-Mar-2024

The gradual buildup of DNA mutations may hold clues on how to combat age-related diseases

Read more... interviews David Sinclair about his Information Theory of Aging and much more (LEAF) - 22-Mar-2024

Backup code: ageing cells from epigenetic changes could potentially be reset to a youthful state


Extending quality life years: insights from the Global Healthspan Summit 2023

Live Forever Club - 16-Mar-2024

Event focused on extending quality life years through scientific innovation


UK study finds 14 prescription meds possibly linked to longer life (LEAF) - 15-Mar-2024

Viagra, cholesterol meds & estrogen replacements linked to longevity, but further research needed

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Smart Ageing Summit 2024


Enhance your health span and longevity with these expert talks organized by Oxford Longevity Project (Oxford, UK)

The Longevity Summit 2024

03-Dec-2024 to 04-Dec-2024

Longevity researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs speaking about eliminating disease of ageing by Longevity Global (Novato, CA, USA)

Exploring the Frontiers of Ageing Research - the XPRIZE Challenge


Dr Jamie Justice speaking about XPRIZE Healthspan competition, organised by Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) (London, UK, FREE)

Aging & Gerontology 2024

08-Apr-2024 to 09-Apr-2024

The conference by Sciinov Group with focus on gerontology studies (Valencia, Spain)

Milan Longevity Summit

14-Mar-2024 to 27-Mar-2024

Rich program of conferences about the cutting-edge research to slow down the aging process, organised by BrainCircle Italia (Milan, Italy, FREE)

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Measuring the hallmarks of ageing – how can you track the underlying causes of ageing?

Measuring the hallmarks of ageing – how can you track the underlying causes of ageing?

What consumer tests are available to check your hallmarks of ageing and how they're impacting your body?

Meet the Omes

Meet the Omes

The biology of ageing looks at way more than just the genome and microbiome - here's 20 to start with!

Exponential growth in ageing research

Exponential growth in ageing research

How the observation and understanding of smaller and smaller biological units has improved ageing research and medicine

Where were the UK longevity companies and researchers at Dublin summit?

Where were the UK longevity companies and researchers at Dublin summit?

Absolute numbers look good, but for the size and proximity of the venue, it could have done better

Highlights from Longevity Summit Dublin 2023

Highlights from Longevity Summit Dublin 2023

Key points and slides from the leading longevity conference hosted by Aubrey de Grey

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Ageing Research