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Life Biosciences

Drug development company promoting longevity and finding treatments for age-related diseases

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Boston, MA, Life Biosciences is pursuing therapies targeting three molecular pathways that regulate the biology of aging: mitochondrial uncoupling, chaperone-mediated autophagy, and epigenetic reprogramming. Our platform approach enables us to develop pharmaceutical treatments with the potential to prevent, treat, and/or reverse multiple aging-related diseases, each with critical unmet needs.

Aging is the biggest risk factor for almost every chronic disease. Ground-breaking research over the past decade has shown that aging is a modifiable risk factor that can be targeted therapeutically. Developing medicines that modify aging biology to prevent, delay, and/or reverse diseases of aging has the potential to transform the practice of medicine.

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People at Life Biosciences

Jerry McLaughlin

Chief executive officer at Life Biosciences

Mehmood Khan

Dr. Mehmood Khan is a CEO of Life Biosciences

Tristan Edwards

Tristan Edwards is a Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Life Biosciences

Life Biosciences News

Life Biosciences raises funding to develop innovative therapies against ageing biology

Longevity Technology - 06-Jan-2022

Invests $82 million in research platforms, aiming to prevent or reverse age-related diseases


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Edwards believes 20–30 years will be added to the average lifespan with none of the ageing diseases


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