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Harold Katcher

Professor at University of Maryland - working on rejuvenation blood factors

I teach online for UMUC but am 'core' faculty. I was Academic Director for the Natural Sciences in our Asian division. I teach Astronomy and Physical Science and the Biology of Aging, Neurobiology and Human Health and Disease.

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See also: Company Nugenics Research - Funded Harold Katcher's rat rejuvenation trial using blood fraction

Harold Katcher Blog Posts

Age Reversal in Mammals – Has This Now Been Achieved?
21-May-2020 Biological age and biomarkers improved to that of rats half their age

Harold Katcher News

Heales funds young plasma longevity studies

Heales - 22-Dec-2020

Many people were disappointed that Katcher didn't report lifespan impact - this is about to change


Diluting blood rejuvenates old tissues in mice

Aging Matters - 08-Jun-2020

There are things in blood that drives our ageing


Josh Mitteldorf stakes his reputation on major rejuvenation in a mammal

Aging Matters - 11-May-2020

Imagine halving your age with 4 simple injections - at the very least it will buy more time