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Harold Katcher

Professor at University of Maryland - working on rejuvenation blood factors

I teach online for UMUC but am 'core' faculty. I was Academic Director for the Natural Sciences in our Asian division. I teach Astronomy and Physical Science and the Biology of Aging, Neurobiology and Human Health and Disease.

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See also: Company Yuvan Research - US arm of Harold Katcher's young plasma research

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Harold Katcher updates London Futurists on his research and talks about his theories of ageing


Funded Harold Katcher's rat rejuvenation trial using blood fraction

Harold Katcher Blog Posts

Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Does the survival curve reflect the epigenetic age reduction seen in previous experiment?

Age Reversal in Mammals – Has This Now Been Achieved?

Age Reversal in Mammals – Has This Now Been Achieved?

Biological age and biomarkers improved to that of rats half their age

Harold Katcher Creations


By Harold Katcher - the paradigm shift in aging research that shows the way to human rejuvenation

Harold Katcher News

Katcher's Elixir update - 2nd control rat dies, TNF-alpha and IL-6 improvement persists

Live Forever Club - 10-Dec-2021

Rejuvenation continues after 4th dose - will be very interesting to see if max lifespan increases


Heales funds young plasma longevity studies

Heales - 22-Dec-2020

Many people were disappointed that Katcher didn't report lifespan impact - this is about to change


Diluting blood rejuvenates old tissues in mice

Aging Matters - 08-Jun-2020

There are things in blood that drives our ageing


Josh Mitteldorf stakes his reputation on major rejuvenation in a mammal

Aging Matters - 11-May-2020

Imagine halving your age with 4 simple injections - at the very least it will buy more time


Young blood therapy - the real deal to longevity?

h+ Magazine - 02-Apr-2013

Transfusing youthful blood factors into an older patient could be a reality soon