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Sima, the 47 months-old Sprague Dawley rat — interview with Dr. Harold Katcher

Talks about Sima - the longest lived Sprague Dawley rat ever - and his E5 plasma-based therapeutic

Key points from the interview:

  • Sprague Dawley rats usually live 24-36 months
  • previous recorded maximum lifespan of 45.5 months
  • Sima has now lived 47 months
  • average lifespan in treated cohort increased, but Sima is outlier
  • difference may be due to variation of original biological age, or success of each application - lots of variables
  • healthspan was also extended - measured cognitive function and organ function
  • aiming to double or triple maximum lifespan
  • plasma treatments seem to be temporary, E5 treatment is semi-permanent
  • seems to be a different mechanism that determines maximum lifespan
  • ovary plays an import part if female ageing
  • Cold Spring Harbor hid us in a corner - ageing community would prefer to overlook us
  • 1 rat month is equivalent to 2.5 years - so equivalent of human living an extra 20 years
  • think we will do better than that
  • wants to do a dog study
  • looking at different methods of administration, e.g. patches
  • could generate more activity per milligram
  • competitors all believe ageing happens at the cellular level - but has been shown that's not the case
  • if you put a young cell in and old body, then it becomes old, and vice versa
  • may be able to synthesize E5 in future (currently from pigs)
  • original intention was to use plasma exchange - but now thinks that effect would be temporary
  • skin test looking good 7 months later (single application) which might suggest no pro-ageing factors in blood
  • final question... when might we be able to increase maximum lifespan of humans
  • Harold thinks maybe about a year... and will be one of the first volunteers!

See more details about the experiment in the blog: Harold Katcher’s E5/Elixir (Young Plasma) Rat Trial Results

Visit website:

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Details last updated 10-Feb-2023

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Sima, the 47 months-old Sprague Dawley rat — interview with Dr. Harold Katcher