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Irina Conboy

Professor of Bioengineering at Berkeley University of California.

Irina Conboy got her PhD. in Pat Jones laboratory at Department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University, in Molecular and Cellular Immunology.

She specialised in degenerative diseases, exemplified by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, and muscle atrophy, in which the bodies capacity to regenerate new tissue can no longer keep up with tissue death invariably accompany human aging. These disorders are debilitating for individuals and represent a major problem for society. One intriguing possibility is that stem cells residing in aged organs retain their intrinsic ability to regenerate but are not properly triggered in the aged environment and that rejuvenation of the aged niches is actually required for the organ repair by any stem cell: endogenous or transplanted. Much of our work has been focused on establishing new paradigms in multi-tissue stem cell aging, rejuvenation and regulation by conserved morphogenic signaling pathways.

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See also: Academia University of California, Berkeley - Public land-grant research university

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Irina Conboy News

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GlobeNewswire - 30-Jan-2024

The test involves taking a cheek swab and getting a personalised report


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Live Forever Club - 14-Dec-2023

The method measures increased fluctuations in methylation levels called "noise"


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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. - 04-Aug-2022

Infusions of young blood plasma into mice, does not increase their lifespan


Summary of Irina Conboy presentation at End Age-Related Diseases 2021

Live Forever Club - 20-Aug-2021

Very much looking forward to seeing published results on initial human pilot


Longevity Technology interviews Irina Conboy about blood plasma exchange

Longevity Technology - 29-Apr-2021

"Very promising" results from pilot study, with phase 3 clinical trial planned


Irina Conboy explains latest blood plasma dilution results to Journal Club

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Conboys are planning a modified lifespan study - looking for funding


Heales funds young plasma longevity studies

Heales - 22-Dec-2020

Many people were disappointed that Katcher didn't report lifespan impact - this is about to change


Group of Russian biohackers perform the first human plasma dilution (LEAF) - 22-Dec-2020

Results aren't published in any journal but might be the first step towards more human studies


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This could be a cheap first generation rejuvenation treatment - but wait for clinical trials


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