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Prenuvo launches whole-body MRI for early disease detection

Imaging Technology News (ITN) - 27-Jun-2024

Transforming healthcare from reactive to proactive with whole-body screening


AI-powered platform analyzes blood and health to predict individual disease risk

Longevity Technology - 03-Jun-2024

The company aims to expand access to this technology for broader healthcare impact


Northwestern University launches the Human Longevity Laboratory to fight ageing

Northwestern University - 12-Feb-2024

Researchers will work finding ways to live healthier and longer


Optispan investigates proactive healthcare to increase healthy lifespan

Longevity Technology - 01-Feb-2024

Company aims to shift medicine's focus from illness treatment to proactive health optimization


Google AI developed AMIE, a chatbot excelling in medical interviews (LEAF) - 19-Jan-2024

AMIE surpassed human doctors in accuracy, empathy, and communication

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Longevity World Forum (LWF)


Congress that addresses healthy ageing and medical longevity (Alicante, Spain)

David Barzilai

Physician, Longevity Consultant, Health Coach, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Healthspan Coaching

Smart Ageing Summit 2024


Enhance your health span and longevity with these expert talks organized by Oxford Longevity Project (Oxford, UK)

Randox Health

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The world’s most advanced health checks, delivering key data to improve your health

International Future of Health and Technology Summit

10-Oct-2024 to 11-Oct-2024

Unlocking revolutionary health and med-tech vistas for human longevity and well-being - organised by TAFFD's

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General Election 2024 Longevity Policies

General Election 2024 Longevity Policies

What are the main political parties offering longevity enthusiasts in this year’s UK general election?

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