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Dr. Irina & Michael Conboy | Rejuvenation via Neutral Blood Exchange & Plasma Dilution

Live Longer World podcast #9 with Dr. Irina & Michael Conboy as guests

My guests in today's episode are Dr. Irina and Michael Conboy of the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California Berkeley. 

Their groundbreaking research focuses on tissue rejuvenation via plasma dilution and heterochronic parabiosis, where the Conboys took a young mouse and an older mouse and sutured them together, such that the animals shared blood and environment. The old mice became rejuvenated & younger. 

They’ve also pioneered a process called the Neutral Blood Exchange or Therapeutic Blood Exchange, through which dilution of old blood plasma can lead to true rejuvenation in the brain & other tissues of mice to a younger state! 

Further, we touch upon Irina's work showing how decreased Oxytocin levels with age contributes to poor muscle function. Their research is incredibly exciting and we discuss all about it in today’s episode. 

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Professor of Bioengineering at Berkeley University of California.


Lecturer in Department of Bioengineering at Berkley University of California.