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Can infusion of young blood be beneficial for clinical anti-aging approaches?


Key points from article :

Young and old mice were surgically joined such that they shared blood circulation for three months showed that the old mice did not significantly benefit in terms of lifespan.

In contrast, the young mice that were exposed to blood from old animals had significantly decreased lifespan.

Heterochronic parabiosis is used to assess the effect of organs and of blood-borne factors on young and old animals.

They then disconnected the animals and studied the effects of being joined on the blood plasma and animal lifespan.

Editor-in-Chief Irina Conboy says “This work clarifies the question of whether the young blood or old blood control longevity"

"This discovery is important for clinical anti-aging approaches and in providing key scientific evidence against the potency of the young blood factors in an aged organism”, she added.

The study is published in Rejuvenation Research by Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Infusions of young blood plasma into mice, does not increase their lifespan

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Irina Conboy

Professor of Bioengineering at Berkeley University of California.

Rejuvenation Research

Bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research on rejuvenation and biogerontology.