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Ending Age-Related Diseases 2022

Virtual Conference for Rejuvenation Biotechnology and Life Extension organized by Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation

11-Aug-2022 to 14-Aug-2022

On August 11-14, we will be meeting virtually to hear the latest developments from the leading experts.

This conference will bring together the leading experts in rejuvenation biotechnology and investment in order to foster scientific and business collaborations to develop rejuvenation therapies that target the root causes of aging.

In addition to bringing together the thought leaders of the rejuvenation biotechnology industry to foster scientific and business collaborations, we will provide interviews and panel discussions on related topics, such as the philosophy of life extension, the ethics of longevity journalism, and the relationship between rejuvenation biotechnology and blockchain technology. The conference will help you to deepen your understanding of what is going on in the aging research field.

Speakers at this conference are:

• Brian Kennedy

• George Church

• Irina Conboy

• Keith Comito

• Oliver Medvedik

• Sudhir Paul

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Prof of Biochemistry and Physiology at NUS. CSO Ponce De Leon Health.


Harvard Professor and Founder.


Professor of Bioengineering at Berkeley University of California.

Company Representative

President at Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.


Director of The Maurice Kanbar Center for Biomedical Research and Vice President of LEAF.


Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Covalent Bioscience and professor at the University of Nebraska