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Ageing Research Resources

The Live Forever Club collates details of as many people, organisation and things regarding Ageing Research. Click through on any resource below to discover more about it.

Ageing Research Creations

Audio Is longevity science overhyped? | Professor Charles Brenner, PhD - Podcast about longevity with Charles Brenner hosted by Simon Hill

Audio What doesn’t kill you, makes you STRONGER - Longevity India podcast with Dr. Suresh Rattan about hormesis and its impact on ageing

Video XPRIZE Launches a $101 Million Health Competition - Live stream of XPRIZE Healthspan launch on YouTube

Ageing Research Events

Event Aging & Gerontology 2024 - The conference by Sciinov Group with focus on gerontology studies (Valencia, Spain)

Event ARDD 2023 - 10th Aging Research & Drug Discovery Meeting - Event about latest progress in the molecular, cellular and organismal basis of aging organized by University of Copenhagen

Event Global Healthspan Summit 2023 - Longevity summit organised by Hevolution Foundation (Riyadh,Saudi Arabia)

Ageing Research People

Author Michael Rae - Science Writer at SENS Research Foundation, Ex-Board Member of the Calorie Restriction Society

Ageing Research Organisations

Journal Aging - Bio-medical journal covering research on all aspects of gerontology

Institute British Society for Research on Ageing (BSRA) - Scientific society which promotes and funds research into the biology of ageing

Company Magnitude Biosciences - Biotechnology company that combines experience in ageing research, the nematode C. elegans and automation

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