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Longevity Genes

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Seragon's anti-aging drug candidate extends healthspan and lifespan in mice

CISION PR Newswire - 07-May-2024

SRN-901 increases longevity gene expression and reduces aging activity


Scientists unveil genetic secrets to sharp minds in centenarians

PsyPost - 07-May-2024

Protective gene variants in immunity & cellular cleanup prevent Alzheimer's in old age


Eat well, move well, live well: Healthy habits add five years to your life

The Guardian - 30-Apr-2024

Lifestyle choices reduces genetic risk of early death by 62%


Rare genetic mutation linked to short stature may hold clues to longer, healthier lives

New Scientist - 26-Apr-2024

People with Laron syndrome exhibit lower levels of a growth factor associated with ageing


Turns out, women have a secret weapon in the longevity game: their DNA!

Live Forever Club - 21-Jan-2024

Women have an advantage in longevity genes, especially those related to immunity

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Genome Protection

Company developing and commercializing drugs for anti-aging applications capable of prolonging human health and life-span.

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