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Top 5 Products at London Health Show 2016

Including camel's milk, colostrum, hyaluronic acid, and supplements for over 50s and to reduce cholesterol
Published 22-Jan-2016
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I had a fun day yesterday at the London Health Show – seeking out new products, or at least ones I hadn’t come across before, to see what could help extend my life or at least increase my healthspan.

There were plenty more interesting products, lots of which I’m talking to regarding discounts for club members, but here are the top 5 products that caught my eye.

Camel’s Milk from Desert Farms

Walid Abdul-Wahab setup Desert Farms in California to bring the health benefits of camel’s milk to the wider world and is now setting up in the UK and Europe.

I’ll do some research into the claimed nutritional benefits and do a dedicated blog – but for now the main claims are easier to digest, high levels of GABA, anti-bacterial properties and also being anti-inflammatory.

ColoDan Colostrum by Biodane Pharma

I’ve not come across colostrums before but it’s the first milk that is secreted by a cow and is packed with nutrients and immune stimulating substances because calves are born without an immune system.

I’ve got some sample packages so will try them out and report back.

LubrisynHa - Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronan (or Hyaluronic Acid) is a major component of the synovial fluid where its it acts as both a lubricant and a shock absorber. LubriSynHA is the only hyaluronan supplement available in liquid form allowing it to be readily absorbed by the body.

Synovial fluid can deteriote from age or exercise resulting in joint pain from bone-on-bone friction and inflammation.
According to the US charity Arthritis Foundation hyaluronic acid injections are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating osteoarthritis of the knee – so this might be an cheaper and more comfortable option.

Prime Fifty – nutrition for over 50s

I had a very interesting chat with the founder Max Gowland who has developed a range of supplements specifically for over 50s. He was the Global R&D Director for Reckitt Benckiser so a man who knows a thing or two about nutrition – including a PhD in amino acid chemistry.

He’s absolutely passionate about muscle wastage in over 50s and explained how we lose around 1% muscle mass each year. Many studies have shown how mobility is close indicator of morbidity.

Reg’Activ Cholesterol from VF Bioscience

High cholesterol is a key risk indicator of heart disease with is one of the big killers so anything that aims to reduce it is worth a look. Some of the scientific research that back up their claims have shown reduced LDL-cholesterol and increased HDL-cholesterol after just 2 weeks.

I’ve got a sample pack which I’m looking forward to trying – but am currently monitoring my cholesterol changes due to a lower fat diet – once its stabilised I’ll be seeing if I can improve it even more with this product

Not yet available in the UK but is available in Europe.

Mentioned in this blog post:

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Biodane Pharma

Company that develops dietary supplements for the regulation and protection of the human gastrointestinal system.

Desert Farms

Producers of camel milk in California.


Company producing health supplements.

Max Gowland

Founder and Managing Director at Prime Fifty Ltd.

Prime Fifty

Nutritional supplements for people over 50.

VF Bioscience

Company that develops dietary supplements and products for personal care.

Walid Abdul-Wahab

Founder of Desert Farms.

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