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James Kirkland

Researcher on different aging related diseases

Dr. James L. Kirkland is a renowned medical researcher focused on cellular aging and its impact on age-related dysfunction and chronic diseases. His primary goal is to develop methods to remove senescent cells, which accumulate with aging and in diseases such as dementias, atherosclerosis, cancers, diabetes, and arthritis, to extend health span and improve quality of life.

Dr. Kirkland's research spans cellular senescence, senolytic drugs, and the relationship between diabetes, chronic diseases, and cellular senescence. He pioneered the concept of removing senescent cells to enhance health span and devised the first senolytic drugs, which selectively eliminate senescent cells.

His work has significant implications for patient care, as it aims to enhance health span and delay the onset of chronic age-related diseases collectively, rather than individually. This has the potential to reduce morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs worldwide.

He's founder of Academy for Health & Lifespan Research.

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See also: Health Organisation Mayo Clinic - Non-profit American academic medical center focused on health care, education, and research

Details last updated 01-Nov-2019

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James Kirkland Blog Posts

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