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Healthy Longevity Medicine Society (HLMS)

Medical society with focus on promoting longevity as a specialty area of modern healthcare

The Healthy Longevity Medicine Society (HLMS) was established in August 2022 to build a clinically credible framework and platform for longevity medicine that promotes the highest standards of interdisciplinary collaboration in the field. The HLMS is governed by a Council of elected members representing different geographical locations and sectors. The HLMS aims to educate, foster research and professional development, set recommendations and guidelines, and coordinate activities across the various domains of longevity medicine.

The Healthy Longevity Medicine Society is comprised of ordinary members (practicing healthcare professionals), associate members (scientists and health policymakers) and honorary members. The HLMS is managed by the HLMS Council.

Healthy Longevity Medicine Society Council Members

• Andrea Britta Maier, President

• Evelyne Bischof, Vice President

• Nir Barzilai

• James L. Kirkland

• Harold Alan Pincus

• Thomas Anthony Rando

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Details last updated 30-Sep-2022

Mentioned in this Resource

Andrea Maier

Oon Chiew Seng Professor in Medicine, Director, Centre for Healthy Longevity, NUS

Evelyne Bischof

Longevity physician at Human Longevity, Inc. and Associate professor at Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Harold Alan Pincus

Professor and Vice Chair at Columbia University Department of Psychiatry and New York State Psychiatric Institute

James Kirkland

Researcher on different aging related diseases

Nir Barzilai

Founding director of the Institute for Aging Research

Thomas A. Rando

Professor of Neurology at Stanford University

Healthy Longevity Medicine Society (HLMS) News

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