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Harvard Medical School

Graduate medical school of Harvard University

At Harvard Medical School, our mission is to create and nurture a diverse community of the best people committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease. With our vast reservoir of talent, extensive network of affiliates and commitment to problem solving, Harvard Medical School is uniquely positioned to steer education and research in directions that will benefit local, national, and global communities.

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See also: Academia Harvard University - Private Ivy League research university in Massachusetts

Harvard Medical School is also referenced in the following:

Karen Costenbader

Rheumatologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Monica Kleinman

Associate Professor of Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Creations

Coronavirus Resource Center

Questions and answers covering symptoms, risks and treatment

Nurses' Health Study

Series of prospective cohort research studies

People at Harvard Medical School

Frank Qian

Clinical Fellow in Medicine at Harvard medical school

Alexander Tyshkovskiy

Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Hope Ricciotti

Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Harvard Medical School

Gregory Curfman

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Former Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Health Publishing

John H. Growdon

Professor of Neurology at the Harvard Medical School, Doctor and Author

Uma Naidoo

Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist

Jason I. Comander

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School

Richard Cheng

Ph.D Candidate of Biomedical Engineering at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Andrei Tarkhov

Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School

Anastasia Shindyapina

Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Shrike Zhang

Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and Associate Bioengineer at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Stefan G. Tullius

Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Joseph E. Murray MD, Distinguished Chair in Transplant Surgery

Raiany Romanni

Science and Technology Writer and Researcher in Bioethics at Harvard Medical School

Leon Peshkin

Lecturer on Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School

Charles Czeisler

Baldino Professor of Sleep Medicine and Director of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Joseph C. Kvedar

Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School.

Bruce Yankner

Professor of Genetics and Neurology at Harvard Medical School

Stuart Orkin

Professor at Harvard Medical School.

Jeffrey Holt

Professor of Otolaryngology and Neurology at Harvard Medical School.

Arlene Sharpe

Professor of Comparative Pathology; Chair of Department of Immunology at Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School News

An apple a day: the role of flavonols in frailty prevention

Independent - 23-May-2023

Quercetin, a flavonoid found in apples and blackberries, may be particularly important for frailty prevention


Men who have regular quality sleep live about 5 years longer, while women add on two more years

The Guardian - 23-Feb-2023

Not just the number of hours but also the quality of sleep is important to enhance your wellbeing


Use of rilmenidine drug showed lifespan and healthspan benefits in both young and old animals

Longevity Technology - 25-Jan-2023

With a global ageing population, the benefits of delaying ageing, even if slightly, are immense


Dissociation of longevity targeted cell reprogram and somatic identity loss: An exploration

Live Forever Club - 17-Jan-2023

Most genes regulating cellular rejuvenation were not related to the increased occurrence of cancer


Vitamin B group keeps your brain young and healthy

CNBC - 05-Aug-2022

Consuming vitamin B rich food helps prevent cognitive decline, depression and mental impairment


Scientists built a functional human tendon using 3D cryobioprinting

3D Printing Industry - 07-Feb-2022

A breakthrough technique to print complex tissues that can be stored for later use


Vitamin D and fish oil supplements can lower the chances of getting a autoimmune disease

Medical News Today - 02-Feb-2022

Disease risk reduced by 30% in older people but its best to consult a doctor before taking supplements


Embryos reset biological age back to zero in early stage of development

Science News - 25-Jun-2021

Rejuvenation process in germline cells may help find new therapies for age-related disorders


Right amount of lab-grown retinal cells can cure glaucoma

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) - 19-Apr-2021

For the first time, cultured retinal cells transplanted & survived in the eyes of mice for a year


A study on mice revealed fatty diets are no good for immunity

New Atlas - 09-Dec-2020

Consuming high fat diet may weaken the immunity and its ability against cancer


Vision loss due to age & glaucoma reversed in mice

Medical Xpress - 02-Dec-2020

David Sinclair says findings are 'transformative for the care of age-related vision diseases'


Discovery of the underlying cause of age-related hearing loss

EurekAlert! - 20-Jul-2020

It is now known it is due to damage in inner ear hair cells


Is it possible to predict biological age with gut microbiome? (LEAF) - 19-Jun-2020

Models and anti-ageing intervention design enables new ageing clock development


Is it really possible to train for that 100-year milestone?

BBC - 22-May-2020

New concept of 'Centenarian Olympics' allows humans to die young at an old age


Reduced risk of Parkinson's disease for coffee and tea drinkers

Independent - 18-May-2020

Lead study linking caffeine and its disease-slowing potential


This enzyme helps reverse age-related neurodegeneration in mice

EurekAlert! - 18-May-2020

Sheds light to potential treatments for age-related cognitive decline, Alzheimer's


Parkinson's patient can swim again after stem cell transplant

Newsweek - 14-May-2020

Study and procedure represent a milestone in personalized medicine for Parkinson's


The integral role of gut microbiome in precision medicine

AACC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) - 01-May-2020

Huge potential in a more personalized diagnostics and diet-based disease interventions


Inheritance of damaging mutations decides how long we get to live

GEN News - 10-Apr-2020

With whole exome and genome sequencing we could reveal so many secrets of life


Blood test as multi-cancer detection tool

BBC - 31-Mar-2020

More to look forward as it promises early cancer detection when fine-tuned


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