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Nurses' Health Study

Series of prospective cohort research studies

The Nurses' Health Studies are among the largest prospective investigations into the risk factors for major chronic diseases in women. 

Starting with the original Nurses’ Health Study in 1976, the studies are now in their third generation with Nurses’ Health Study 3 (which is still enrolling male and female nurses) and count more than 275,000 participants. Learn about the history of the Studies.

Due to their unique strengths, including regular follow-up of study participants since 1976 and repeated assessment of health and lifestyle factors, the studies have played an instrumental role in shaping public health recommendations. Also, the studies' investigators are leaders in developing and evaluating questionnaire-based methods to assess a variety of factors, such as diet, physical activity, and adiposity. Learn about the Nurses’ Health Studies’ contributions to scientific knowledge, or for researchers, how to collaborate with us.

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Nurses' Health Study News

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