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Harvard University

Private Ivy League research university in Massachusetts

Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

Harvard University is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., and a member of the Ivy League. Founded in 1636 by the colonial Massachusetts legislature, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. It is also the first and oldest corporation in North America.

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Harvard University Blog Posts

Does no smoking mean no vaping?

Does no smoking mean no vaping?

Sometimes news coverage of e-cigarettes can be confusing - what's the best advice?

Chocolate - an innocent pleasure

Chocolate - an innocent pleasure

Dark chocolate that retains flavonoids during manufacture could be good for your heart and mental health

People at Harvard University

David Sinclair

Harvard professor. Author of Lifespan.

Jesse Poganik

Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School

Martin Elvis

Senior Astrophysicist at SAO and Astrophysicist at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Huibin Chang

Research Associate in Bioengineering at Harvard University

Jeff Lichtman

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University

Kyle Holmberg Vining

Restorative and Esthetic Dentist and Fellow at Harvard University.

Samir Mitragotri

Professor at Harvard University, Biomedical Researcher, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Educator, Editor

David Cutler

Otto Eckstein Professor of Applied Economics at Harvard University.

Loren Walensky

Pediatric oncologist, Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, Principal Investigator at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Children’s Hospital Boston, Director of the Harvard/MIT MD-PhD Program

Douglas Melton

Xander University Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology.

Dianbo Liu

Researcher working on machine learning on healthcare data. Research fellow at Harvard.

Diddahally Govindaraju

Geneticist at Harvard University, in Boston, Massachusetts with an interest in human evolutionary biology and population genetics

Rachit Bakshi

Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard

Kenneth J. Mukamal

Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard University.

Abraham (Avi) Loeb

Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science and Chair of Astronomy Department at Harvard University.

Tom Schroeder

Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University.

Marinka Zitnik

Assistant Professor at Harvard University

Ya-Chieh Hsu

Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University

David Christiani

Professor of Medicine at Physician, Pulmonary and Critical Care Division.

Charles Lieber

American chemist and pioneer in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology and author.

Harvard University News

Biological robots built from human cells became microscopic healers

Neuroscience News - 30-Nov-2023

Anthrobots bridge neuron gaps and fight disease, paving the way for regenerative medicine


U.S. men are dying much younger than women, as gender gap for death widens

New Scientist - 13-Nov-2023

COVID-19, drug and alcohol abuse, & suicide fuel a 6-year life expectancy disparity


Scientists have developed a revolutionary biological ageing clock- the OMICm Age

Live Forever Club - 24-Oct-2023

Advanced biological ageing clock provides a precise evaluation of health & ageing


Young blood slows down ageing process of older mice

New Scientist - 26-Jul-2023

Infusion of youthful blood increased lifespan by 5% and improved age-related gene alterations


AI-driven breakthrough in senolytic drug discovery (LEAF) - 04-May-2023

Machine learning successfully identifies promising senolytic compounds to target ageing and age-related diseases


American football players age a decade faster than the general population

Independent - 13-Dec-2022

Further studies to examine the phenomenon for age-related illnesses among former players


Trestle Biotherapeutics gathers experts to advance practical use of bioengineered kidneys

Longevity Technology - 23-Feb-2022

Combining 3D printing and stem cell technologies to develop kidney repair and replacement therapies


Detailed map of connections within the human brain created by Google

New Scientist - 07-Jun-2021

Benefit to explore how the cell map differs in people with mental illness


New laser-steering robot makes endoscopic surgeries easier

Optics & Photonics News (OPN) - 20-Jan-2021

Laser-steering microrobot delivers high speed laser to perform minimally invasive surgeries


Studies on melanocyte stem cells to prevent or reverse gray hair

Washington Post - 19-Dec-2020

Greying of hair is irrespective of age and gender; Scientists work on stem cells


Hitch-hiking nanoparticles improve bioavailability of drugs

Nano Magazine - 27-Nov-2020

Liquid coated nanoparticles effectively deliver drugs with no side effects


Scientists manufactures artificial organoids using automation

Lab Manager - 11-Nov-2020

Semi-automating tissue differentiation makes artificial tissues at a faster rate


An origami inspired miniature robot to help with microsurgeries

New Atlas - 25-Aug-2020

Will help carry out microscopic surgeries with great precision and control


Scientists go where no gene-editing tool has gone before (LEAF) - 14-Jul-2020

DddA able to target mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) by splitting in half and hitching a ride


The deadly link between air pollution and coronavirus

Guardian - 13-Jul-2020

An analysis to answer whether quality of air affects rise in pandemic cases


Harvard scientists reveal the secret to happiness

YAHOO! - 24-Jun-2020

Only two hours per week is all we need to do this simple act and be happy


Stroke survivors can now walk faster and farther with this exosuit

TechCrunch - 13-May-2020

Wearing the soft robotic tech, immediate improvements were observed


Discovery of molecules allowing telomere restoration

New Atlas - 26-Apr-2020

Demonstrated in mice, study paves way for treating ageing-related diseases


Mitochondria plays a major role in cellular ageing

Medical Xpress - 20-Feb-2020

HDAC inhibitor shows beneficial effects in mice but too toxic for healthy humans


How mitochondria drives senescence, affecting healthy ageing

EurekAlert! - 20-Feb-2020

Potential target for drug-based interventions to delay cellular ageing identified


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