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Forget blood transfusions, the fountain of youth could be closer to hand


Key points from article :

Attempts have been made to rejuvenate the body by transfusing old people with young blood.

Recent research suggests that the effectg is likely due to the dilution of pro-aging factors present in the old blood.

UC Berkeley are now working on a device that can filter out high levels of pro-aging signals – could be immediately therapeutic.

Hoping to start clinical trials in six months and have results in three years.

Stanford University have identified a protein that is causing some of the damage

Amount of a protein called VCAM1 in the blood increases with age.

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Company Representative

Co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics


Professor of Bioengineering at Berkeley University of California.


Private research university, one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions


Public land-grant research university