LEAF interviews Hanadie Yousef, co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics


Utilizing the secretome of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs).
Isolated a sub-fraction of the proteins that signal stem cells to develop.
Muscle regeneration returned to levels of younger mice.
Muscle is the largest internal tissue organ in the body.
Pathways are deregulated with aging that can cause inhibitory effects.
Sarcopenia issued an ICD-10 code in 2016 - can now make therapies to target it.
Will target other regenerative diseases, including dementia, that are affected by loss of stem cell function.
Many proteins circulating in the blood that are redundant.
Signaling pathways can find receptors in many ways.
Different combinations of proteins might be used at different levels of aging.
Cocktails of two to three proteins can work nearly as well as 1000.
Recombinant DNA technology gives us the ability to mass produce.
AI-enabled platform allows accelerated drug discovery and development.
Quantify primary human precursor cells using computer vision analysis and high-throughput microscopy.

Muscle regeneration would have a huge hit on healthspan - getting people more mobile again

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Company Representative Hanadie Yousef - Co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics

Company Juvena Therapeutics - Biopharma discovering novel protein-based therapeutics that promote tissue regeneration

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