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University of Helsinki

Multidisciplinary research university.

Up north on the top of the world, there is an innovative centre of science and thinking. One of the best multidisciplinary universities in the world – The University of Helsinki. We are the cradle of Finnish civilization. Since 1640 we have contributed significantly to Finnish prosperity and national identity. We have built a fair and an equal society that by many indicators is considered one of the best in the world. Today we want to share our knowledge and to have a strong global impact.

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University of Helsinki Blog Posts

Mitochondria, Autophagy and Neurodegenerative diseases: A perspective

Mitochondria, Autophagy and Neurodegenerative diseases: A perspective

Review paper from University of Helsinki looks at the role of mitophagy in ageing

University of Helsinki Creations


A research project that utilizes collective data from biobanks all across Finland

People at University of Helsinki

Sara Wickström

Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology at University of Helsinki

Jette Lengefeld

Assistant Professor at University of Helsinki and Karolinska Institute

Jari Koistinaho

Director of Neuroscience Center at University of Helsinki and Professor of Regenerative Medicine at University of Eastern Finland

Kari Alitalo

Medical researcher and associate professor at University of Helsiniki

Anu Suomalainen-Wartiovaara

Professor of Clinical Molecular Medicine at Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki

Eija Pirinen

Adjunct Professor of Molecular Medicine at the University of Helsinki, Finland

Andrea Ganna

Senior Researcher, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland

Elisabeth Widen

Senior researcher at Centre of Excellence in Complex Disease Genetics.

Timo Strandberg

Professor in Department of Medicine at University of Helsinki.

University of Helsinki News

Exploring cellular enlargement as a new hallmark of aging

Live Forever Club - 12-Dec-2022

Size of various cells (including red blood, adipocytes, brain, heart) is seen to increase with age-related diseases


Regenerating heart vessels to replace traditional surgeries

University of Helsinki - 19-Nov-2020

Stimulating growth factor to grow new blood vessels in the heart of mice


Human trial proves niacin to be an effective NAD+ booster (LEAF) - 08-Jun-2020

Also a cheaper treatment for mitochondrial myopathy than NR and NMN supplements


Vitamin B3 is a good option to correct the NAD+ deficit in humans - 14-May-2020

NAD+ deficiency is for real and it happens in humans too


Genetic diversity, hoped to explain varied severity of COVID-19 symptoms

BBC - 14-Apr-2020

A look into DNA data from UK Biobank to answer many questions on the virus


Stem cell reactivation can improve tissue regeneration (LEAF) - 16-Jul-2019

Just one pathway out of many that could improve tissue rejuvenation


Taking days off work helps you live longer

Independent - 29-Aug-2018

Taking time off work is actually more important than a healthy diet and exercise


DNA tests make people live healthier lives

Independent - 15-Jun-2018

New web tool analyses over 49000 DNA markers to calculate risk for various diseases