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Herb Kasler

Flow Cytometry Core Director at Buck Institute

Herb Kasler, PhD, is the Director of the Flow Cytometry Core. He got his PhD in immunology from the University of California, Berkeley, working on T cell development in the laboratory of Astar Winoto. Since then he has been working with Eric Verdin, MD, studying gene regulation during T cell development, with a focus on its relationship to autoimmune disease. Flow cytometry has been a cornerstone of all this work, and as a result, Dr. Kasler has more than 20 years of experience using numerous flow-related techniques and platforms. He also received extensive training in the theory, operation, and maintenance of BD cell sorters from Marty Bigos, who served as flow core director for the Gladstone Institutes and later for Stanford University.


See also: Institute Buck Institute - Independent biomedical research institute focused on aging

Details last updated 06-Jul-2024

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