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Chuankai Zhou

Buck Fellow at Buck institute - studies mechanisms underlying the cellular aging process

Fellow at Buck institute and focuses on  understanding the plasticity and homeostasis of the cellular proteome under stress conditions and aging. 

The Zhou lab studies mechanisms underlying the cellular aging process, with a particular emphasis on proteostasis. They study protein folding and misfolding in both young and aging cells, with the goal of understanding the events that lead to the loss of proteostasis during cellular aging and disease as well as identifying mechanisms that can be exploited to rejuvenate aging cells. Their lab uses the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae to study these topics systematically and comprehensively at the molecular and cellular levels. Budding yeast has been proven to be a great model system for research on cellular aging and revealed longevity mechanisms that are highly conserved in metazoan. By leveraging genetic tools and libraries, they hope to progress quickly on projects to provide insights for fundamental biological questions. They are also developing new methodologies and platforms to broaden their technology portfolio that can be unleashed to break through current limitations in the field and improve our understanding of aging and age-related diseases.

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Chuankai Zhou News

Buck researchers discover mitochondrial protein that can increase lifespan

Buck Institute - 18-May-2022

In yeast, increasing Tom70 delays ageing related mitochondrial dysfunction