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Steve Horvath

Professor of Human Genetics & Biostatistics at UCLA

Steve Horvath is a UCLA professor known for developing the Horvath aging clock, which is a highly accurate molecular biomarker of aging, and for developing weighted correlation network analysis. The recipient of several research awards he has studied genomic biomarkers of aging, the aging process, and many age related diseases/conditions.

Founder of Iduna Therapeutics and Academy for Health & Lifespan Research, Scientific Collaborator at the Intervene Immune.

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See also: Academia University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Public land-grant research university

Details last updated 09-Nov-2019

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Highlights from Longevity Summit Dublin 2023

Key points and slides from the leading longevity conference hosted by Aubrey de Grey

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myDNAge Biological Age Test Review

Home test based on Horvath’s epigenetic ageing clock

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Highlights of Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020

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Age Reversal in Mammals – Has This Now Been Achieved?

Biological age and biomarkers improved to that of rats half their age

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Live Forever Club - 04-Mar-2024

The old rats that got young blood lived longer and looked healthier


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Universal clock based on methylation profiles to accurately predict age in all mammalian species


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Live Forever Club - 25-Oct-2022

Shared methylation patterns across mammals showed an association between ageing & development process in evolution


Ageing versus longevity: epigenetic age correlated with only a few ageing hallmarks

Live Forever Club - 08-Jun-2022

Mitochondrial dysfunction & stem cell exhaustion accelerated the epigenetic clock, but senescent cells & telomere length did not


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Small, uncontrolled trial, but (potentially) very exciting results


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Epimorphy Sells "My DNAge" Biological Age Kit

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