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Intervene Immune

Company focused on the age-related decline of the immune system, which is known as immunosenescence

Intervene Immune is dedicated to achieving a better understanding of the fundamental biology of aging and applying this new knowledge into the practice of medicine today. 

Intervene Immune is dedicated to reversing a process called "thymic involution" in people. Here is why.

The thymus is considered by many the master gland of immunity. It is largely responsible, by educating bone marrow-derived cells to become the T cells that carry out cellular immune functions, for protecting you from foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses, and it is also responsible for attacking tumors. B cells, which are not educated by the thymus, are responsible for "humoral immunity," which is mediated by antibodies. T cells, however, "talk to" B cells and regulate their function, so the thymus has powerful control over most immune system functions.

The thymus undergoes an apparently programmed process of atrophy called involution, particularly around the time of puberty, both shrinking and gradually being replaced by fat. This results, finally, in a massive and fairly abrupt collapse of immune system competence sometime between the ages of 65 and 75. Unfortunately, impaired immune system competence is strongly associated with a greatly increased risk of death in humans, both when it happens at younger ages (as in AIDS patients or after irradiation prior to bone marrow transplantation) and when it happens as a result of getting older following thymic involution in youth.

Intervene Immune Executive Team

• Greg Fahy, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder

• Steve Horvath, Scientific Collaborator

• Robert (Bobby) Brooke, CEO & CTO, Co-founder

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Details last updated 28-Jul-2020

Mentioned in this Resource

Steve Horvath

Professor of Human Genetics & Biostatistics at UCLA

Other people at Intervene Immune

Robert Brooke

Bioengineer & biotech entrepreneur, CEO, CTO and Co-founder at Intervene Immune

Greg Fahy

World expert in organ cryopreservation, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder at Intervene Immune

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