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Kenneth J. Mukamal

Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard University.

Dr. Mukamal’s primary research interests are investigating the role of dietary and lifestyle factors – particularly alcohol consumption – on the incidence and prognosis of cardiovascular and neurovascular disease and its risk factors. As a general internist and clinical investigator, his research has incorporated ongoing epidemiological studies, utilized hospital-based clinical data, and interventional studies. The outcomes of this research have been broad-based and include diverse health effects of alcohol ranging from novel cardiovascular risk factors and subclinical vascular disease to falls and suicide, along with studies of biochemical, genetic, and other physiological determinants of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. His most recent projects include characterization of the role of free fatty acid species in cardiometabolic disease in older adults and an international trial of moderate alcohol consumption in prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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Kenneth J. Mukamal News

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