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Experts reveal — Is there really a better, healthier salt?


Key points from article :

Table, pink Himalayan, sea or Kosher salt -all contain roughly the same level of sodium.

“There is no robust evidence to suggest than any type is better for you than another.”

There are no official studies yet comparing health effects of different types of salt.

Trendy salts are a waste of money if people are after it's health benefit.

Stomach cancer, high blood pressure, linked to high salt intake.

Guidelines state adults should be eating no more than 6g of salt a day (2.4g sodium).

Salt and sodium are different as should be in food labels.

~75% of salt we consume has been added to our food before we even buy it.

Expensive gourmet salts are often misconstrued as healthier than regular table salt.

They actually cause just as much damage to our health.

To curb salt use, adding black pepper or fresh herbs and spices should be done instead.

The amount we consume is more important than the amount we spend on what we thought is better

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