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Tom Sanders

Nutrition expert at King's College London and honorary director of Heart UK.

The main focus of our research is on the mechanisms by which diet influences risk of cardiovascular disease. Much of our research has been involved with differentiating the effects of different types of fatty acids(trans fatty acids, omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid, and different chain length saturated fatty acids) as well as the relative proportions of fat and type of carbohydrate on cardiovascular risk factors. More recently, we have been examining the effects of saturated fatty acids of varying chain length and the influence of triglyceride structure on cardiovascular risk, including insulin secretion and sensitivity. Much of this work is relevant to replacing industrial produced trans fats. Our research suggests that stearic acid is neutral with regard to cardiovascular risk and this can be used to produce high melting point fats in products that previously contained trans fats. In addition to the work on dietary lipids and carbohydrates we have an interest in the biologically active components in plant foods such as isoflavones and flavonoids.

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