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Transvision Madrid 2021

World congress discussing on futurist concepts like longevity extension, artificial intelligence, human enhancement and other technologies with first humanoid robot speaker, Sophia, organized by HumanityPlus.

08-Oct-2021 to 10-Oct-2021

Spain will host the next global futurist summit during October 8, 9 & 10, 2021. HumanityPlus will be the main international organizer of this world congress, TransVision 2021, with the help of other leading associations and organizations working on futurist concepts like longevity extension, artificial intelligence, human enhancement and other technologies and future trends. The first TransVision conference was held during 1998 in The Netherlands.

During the last 20 years, we have seen phenomenal advances, and we expect to see much more during the next 20 years. What will the future bring? Science and technology should lead the way! Now we are planning to host in Spain the 20th anniversary of the TransVision conferences, an international summit open to people from all continents, with participants coming from the United States to the United Kingdom, from Argentina to Australia, from Africa to China, from Russia to Venezuela.

The topics considered will be very broad, ranging from recent medical advances to artificial intelligence and robotics. The first keynote speaker will be Sophia, the first humanoid robot that was awarded citizenship last year. TransVision 2021 will have other keynote speeches by pioneers of the futurist movement like Natasha Vita-More and Ben Goertzel, among many others, both members of HumanityPlus and other leading institutions.

Speakers at this congress are:

• Anders Sandberg

• Aubrey de Grey

• Ben Best

• Ben Goertzel

• Chris Monteiro

• David Pearce

• David Wood

• Didier Coeurnelle

• Elena Milova

• Fernando Enis

• Jim Mellon

• Joao Pedro Megalhaes

• Jose Luis Cordeiro

• Liz Parrish

• Max More

• Melanie Swan

• Natasha Vita-More

• Nell Watson

• Paul Spiegel

• Philippe van Nedervelde

• Ray Kurzweil

• Rodolfo Goya

  • and many others: Adolfo Castilla, Alejandro Sacristan, Alexandre Maurer, Andres Grases, Antonio Miguel Carmona, Carlos Rodriguez Sau, Charlie Kam, Chris Monteiro, Felipe Debasa, Fernando Botella, Jaime del Val, Javier Cremades, Javier Wrana, Jay Friedenberg, Marisol Guzman, Mira Kwak, Ramon Risco, Rohit Talwar, Rudi Hoffman, Sergio M.L. Tarrero, Stanislav Polozov, Valerija Pride and Vitto Claut.

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See also: Institute Humanity+ - Nonprofit organization that promotes ethical use of new technologies to improve human capabilities

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Chief Science Officer at SENS Research Foundation. Author and advocate of ending ageing.

Company Representative

Director of Research Oversight for the Biomedical Research & Longevity Society.

Company Representative

CEO. of AI software company Novamente LLC and bioinformatics company Biomind LLC


Chair at London Futurists and author


IEET Advisory Board member and a leading European spokesperson in the radical life extension movement.


AI Faculty at Singularity University


Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) Board Member


Author, Professor and Chair at Manhattan College.


Professor of Molecular Biogerontology at University of Birmingham Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, consultant, futurist, speaker

Company Representative

Engineer, economist, futurist, and transhumanist.

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Founder and CEO of BioViva


Ambassador & President Emeritus at Alcor Life Extension Foundation

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Executive Director at Humanity+, Author and Speaker.


Founder at Eclectic Law, Longevity Advocate, Counselor, Advisor.

Company Representative

Futurist, transhumanist, Founder and CEO at E-spaces.


Author and scientist working on cryopreservation.


Senior Investigator at the Institute for Biochemical Research, Argentina (INIBIOLP-UNLP)