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Sunny Singh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Roundglass, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Seattle, US. He is the founder of Roundglass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing organization established in 2014.

Sunny began his entrepreneurial journey with a goal — to make healthcare delivery better for patients, caregivers, and professionals — and his own company, Edifecs, in 1996. Today, Edifecs is a profitable multinational company and a market leader in the global healthcare technology space with over 350 healthcare customers serving more than 215 million lives.

As a philanthropist, Sunny established Roundglass Giving, which includes social impact initiatives such as the Roundglass Foundation, Roundglass Sports, Roundglass Sustain and The Roundglass India Center aimed at promoting wellbeing for the communities and the planet.

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