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Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging

Innovative research center for aging research and age-related conditions

The Kogod Center on Aging has a national presence, bringing together clinicians and scientists from all departments at Mayo Clinic's three campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota in a unique collaboration that leads to innovative ways of studying aging.

Building on these groundbreaking findings, our researchers in the Kogod Center on Aging have developed interventions that target senescent cells in an effort to improve the aging process by delaying the onset effects of aging as a whole. Our seven research programs each focus on a different element of aging but have a shared goal to advance scientific discovery about how people age:

Aging Bone and Muscle Program

Cardiovascular Function and Aging Program

Cellular Senescence Program

Healthy Aging and Independent Living Program

Metabolism, Nutrition and Aging Program

Regenerative Medicine and Aging Program

Translation and Pharmacology Program

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Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging News

A 12-week strength-endurance training lowered senescence proteins in older people (LEAF) - 14-Jun-2021

New study using biomarkers proved the importance of regular exercise again


Senescent cell inflammatory signals as a new possible biomarker (LEAF) - 29-Jun-2020

It could measure biological age and relative health


The first senolytic drugs to target senescent cells

Mayo Clinic - 05-Sep-2017

New platform will help to identify additional drugs that target ageing processes more quickly