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Scott L. Nyberg

Transplant Surgeon at Mayo Clinic.

Scott Nyberg MD, PhD is a Professor of Surgery and of Biomedical Engineering at Mayo Clinic as well as the Head of the Liver Regeneration Program. Dr. Nyberg graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He attended The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he earned his medical degree and then the University of Minnesota where he earned a PH.D. in Biomedical Engineering. He finished his residency, including a year as chief Resident, at the University of Minnesota where he went on to complete a fellowship in solid organ transplant.

Dr. Nyberg conducts multidisciplinary research on the development of a bioartificial liver to improve the treatment of patients with liver failure. He is also involved with regenerative medicine as it pertains to treating patients in liver failure with extracorporeal bioartificial livers or implantable tissue-engineered livers as well as treating patients with metabolic liver disease using hepatocyte transplantation.

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