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Dobri Kiprov

Board certified immunologist working in San Francisco, California

Board certified in Pathology and Hemapheresis, Dr. Dobri D. Kiprov is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Therapeutic Apheresis. He currently serves his patients at his private practice in San Francisco, California. In addition, he is the Chief of the Division of Immunotherapy at California Pacific Medical Center (San Francisco, California) and Medical Director of Apheresis Care Group. His experience in the field of therapeutic apheresis extends over more than one quarter of a century while his work on the subject has been published extensively. In fact, Dr. Kiprov served two terms on the American Society of Apheresis Board of Directors and created the first ASFA education video program.  Over the course of his career, he was an active part of the first trials of immunotherapy (cell therapies) and is currently involved in various projects that involve cell vaccines and stem cell therapies. His extraordinary experience with immune system disorders has enhanced the development of educational programs that foster immune system health and longevity through his unique approach, which revolves around combining appealing eating habits and physical therapies. He is the author of Lifestyle in Motion, a cookbook on how to boost your immune system, prevent diseases, defy aging, and control weight. For more information about Dr. Dobri D. Kiprov, please visit

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