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Working to invent novel therapies that will allow us live longer, healthier lives.

Lyfspn is currently planning to carry out a pilot study of our lead longevity promoting therapy candidate, a novel apheresis-based treatment.

Apheresis is an existing therapeutic modality which plays an important role in the management of many diseases including more than 50 autoimmune disorders, a number of rare neurologic conditions, and Alzheimer's disease.

Apheresis is emerging as a prevention and therapy for other age related medical conditions.

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People at Lyfspn

Dobri Kiprov

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Lyfspn

Lyfspn News

Reason reports back from October's Rejuvenation Startup Summit

Fight Aging! - 19-Oct-2022

Some really exciting developments with quite a few in clinical trials


Lyfspn recruiting in USA for plasmapheresis trial using 5% human albumin

Longevity Technology - 08-Jun-2022

No mention of the Conboys, but it looks like it's based on their plasma dilution research